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How to use the harvest box to have all of the best items, all the time!

MonsterHunterWorld7 - How to use the harvest box to have all of the best items, all the time!

I wrote this up for someone in another thread and felt it may be useful for other players. To start, here's a list of useful items that you'll want to have crafting ingredients for.

Useful items:

Max potions

Herbal Medicine

Null Berry

Demon Drug

Demon Powder

Might Pill

Adamant Seed

Shock Trap

Pitfall Trap

Flash Pod

Dung Pod

Screamer Pod

But where's the Armorskin?! Armorskin only gives 15 defence, which is frankly just not worth it (look at your total defence the next time you're online). FYI Hardshell powder gives 20, and Adamant Seed gives 20. All together that's 55 – which, to be fair, is nothing to sniff at, but I don't recommend bringing them along for 2 reasons.

1: They require us to craft additional items

2: They require us to DOUBLE the number of buffs we have to apply every 3 minutes (along with demon powder and might seed/pill). This is incredibly tedious and I highly advise against it.

Adamant PILL on the other hand gives you a significant 30% increase to defence, but it only lasts for 20 seconds…so again, we will pass on this one.

As for Adamant seeds, we will use them as a debuff cleanser for enemies with defense down debuffs (thanks u/Mekhazzio)

What about Mega potions?! Instead of using mega potions during your hunts, we'll use Max Potions instead. Max Potions consume instantly, and always heal you to full health. As long as you have the ingredients to craft them in your inventory, the game will automatically craft a new one when you run out! Your days of desperately chugging while Acidic Glavenus lines up the perfect weeaboo tail snipe are over!

And what about Antidote?! Instead of Antidote, we'll be using Herbal Medicine for the same reason as Max potion – it consumes instantly! (With the added bonus of restoring a small amount of health)

So that's how we get the list above – now let's break them down into materials.

Max Potion = Mega Nutrients + Mandragora

Nutrients = Bitter Bug + Blue Mushroom


Mega Nutrients = Nutrients + Honey

Herbal Medicine = Antidote (purchased) + Blue Mushroom

Demon Drug = Catalyst + Might Seed

Catalyst = Bitterbug + Honey

Demon Powder = Godbug + Might Seed

Might Pill = Immunizer + Might Seed

Immunizer = Catalyst + Madragora

Catalyst = Bitterbug + Honey

The rest of the items (below) are used in such a low quantity that you can harvest the ingredients as needed using one of your harvest boxes while the main ingredients are processing.

Null Berry = Just a Null Berry!

Adamant Seed = Just an Adamant Seed!

Shock Trap = Trap Tool (purchased) + Thunderbug

Pitfall Trap = Trap Tool (purchased) + Net

Net + Ivy + Spider Web

Flash Pod = Flashbug

Dung Pod = Dung (just meld them)

Screamer Pod = Screamer Sac (just meld them)

And so, after all that, we're left with this list of needed ingredients (ordered roughly by quantity needed ie you'll need to grow more Bitter Bugs than Might Seeds)

Bitter Bug


Blue Mushroom



Might Seed

I'd recommend starting by harvesting about 3 full boxes of Bitter Bugs, then Honey, then Blue Mushrooms. Afterwards, harvest 1-2 full boxes of Mandragora and now you can exclusively use max potions! Next, Harvest 3 full boxes of Godbugs, then 2 full boxes of Might Seeds, and you can start using all of the damage buffing items.

Then, it's just maintenance. I definitely recommend building up huge stores of Bitter Bugs, Honey, Blue Mushrooms, and Godbugs whenever you're not running low on Mandragora, Might Seed, or Antidote Herbs.

Hopefully that helps some of you! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Edits for additional information. Removed Antidote Herbs from the list, as u/Griffinhart reminded me that you can just buy Antidotes straight up!

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