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How To: With 4 People, Casually Clear ATKT In 2 Runs And Get Max Reward

MonsterHunterWorld5 - How To: With 4 People, Casually Clear ATKT In 2 Runs And Get Max Reward

This is a guide to optimally run a casual ATKT farming session — if you happen to be stuck with 4 people. If you follow this guide, you will be able to farm ATKT with your 3 friends (or strangers) — in a manner that is more optimal compared to random sessions — yet casual enough to save yourselves the hassle to git gud and P1 it. (Note: this guide was made on version 6.0 of the game on PS4)

STEP 1: Break The Two Tail Platings And Sniff

In order to perform a casual-optimal run, your 4-player squad will need to consistently reach pursuit level 3 in UNDER 10 minutes. To do this, you must minimize the time ATKT spends traversing area 1 to area 2. The easiest way to speed up that travel time is to prioritize breaking her two gold tail platings. Of course, bringing Mega Barrel Bombs helps a lot,
379369532 - How To: With 4 People, Casually Clear ATKT In 2 Runs And Get Max Reward

as can be seen from >>this video<<. Once your team of godlike casual players break the two gold tail platings, you do not need to break any more parts as you will meet the conditions for ATKT to transition to the next area by simply dropping the next boulders on her route. While she gladly travels to the next boulders that you will masterfully drop on her, your group will pick up the tracks she leaves. You can also pick up bonus scattered gold chips by dropping a boulder on her and harassing nearby gajalakas,
as can be seen from >>this video<<.

Here's a video showcasing the entirety of area 1, which should take about 5 minutes or faster.

STEP 2: Go To Area 2 And Pick Up More Tracks

Once you reach area 2, you will be in a large enclosed area where ATKT will leave more tracks for your group of pro gamers to pick up. The tracks will appear over time as she moves around this area, along with some more scattered gold chip from the gajalakas. So make sure you move around the area to pick up the tracks.

Here's a video showcasing the entirety of area 2, which should take about 4 minutes or faster.

And finally, here's a video showcasing the entirety of Pursuit Level 1 ATKT, which should take about 9 and a half minutes.

By following these 2 steps, your group of insane gamers will consistently reach pursuit level 3 in under 10 minutes. With this much pursuit level, your squad will definitely flex your gamer muscles and show ATKT who's alpha.

STEP 3: Start Pursuit Level 3, Break All Parts And Win


F#*k canons, btw. You don't need those. Bring the almighty Mega Barrel Bombs and focus fire on the parts. You need to break all her breakable gold platings before she releases to get max rewards. Here's a list of all the gold platings you can break: Horn Plating, Left & Right Chest Platings, Left & Right Foreleg Platings, Left & Right Hindleg Platings — and since you broke the tail platings during pursuit level 1 you technically don't need to break those again for max rewards — HOWEVER, those tail platings are the easiest to break. Therefore, it is advised for your group of insane gamers to break those tail platings over and over again during area 2 to transition to area 3.

Quickly follow ATKT to area 3 so you can immediately lure her into your insanely calculated boulder drop. HERE'S A CLIP

Once ATKT releases, your group of 4 godly individual must break her tail in order to secure that max reward. This is made easier by double-bombing her tail.

Double-bombing can be done by first inflicting sleep on her. As she is doing the falling asleep animation like a lil' bich, you can bomb her with the damage bonus from the sleep status. In addition, since you bombed her during the falling asleep animation, she wont immediately wake up — hence, you can bomb her again.

Therefore, if your group of top tier gamers can all double bomb her tail OR spread the love all over her body. Group bomb her tail while she does the falling asleep animation — then while she is sleeping bomb her horns. With any of these double bomb method you can guarantee a tail break.

However, this is a casual-optimal guide and tryharding is not allowed. So you can just have a single group sleep bomb on her tail and still guarantee a break. I'm guilty of tryharding, as can be seen from this video where I am the only one who made a sad attempt to double-bomb. I'm sorry. I should never tryhard. I'll delete my K'jarr Ice CB as punishment.

Finally, here is a video showcasing the entirety of a pursuit level 3 ATKT. It's not the cleanest of runs, but it's one of the only videos I streamed where I carted. I really wanted to highlight that if a casual noob like me who carts to pursuit level 3 ATKT can perform a casual-optimal run, then surely you pro gamers reading this can too.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you had fun. I hope this guide helps your ATKT farming somehow.

P.S.: The video examples from this guide were done with strangers. I have no friends… who play MHW.

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