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How viable is a slow and powerful build compared to others? (WARNING! LONG TEXT! PLEASE READ BEFORE ANSWERING)

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PLEASE NOTE: I hate sounding rude, but PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION BASED ON THE TITLE ALONE. If what I've written here is too long, please skip my post. I have several deeper questions in this main post that the title only slightly covers. I put a warning in the title so those who don't like reading can ignore this post. I'm probably going to make a lot of people really angry over what I've written, so if you're prone to raging at id*ots, I'd advise you to leave while you still can. Cheers.

Hello everyone. I've never played a Monster Hunter game before, though I did play through dragons dogma, which was also a capcom game that seems kinda similar (also a bunch of other games like dark souls and whatever, though those aren't that similar). I was quite disappointed with dragons dogma, not because of the main game, but because the main vocation (class) I wanted to play as, the Warrior, was extremely gimped compared to all the other vocations. They had half the skill slots of all the other characters, less DPS as a whole, and generally struggled much more against fast enemies, plus having no ranged options whatsoever, making flying enemies a pain, if not impossible. Their supposed pros of high damage per strike and stagger potential didn't actually mean much in game, and though you could beat the game with them all the same, them being objectively worse in general made me very sad.


I'm thinking of buying Monster Hunter on steam, but I'm worried that the same situation may happen here. I don't generally look up guides to games, but I do look up weapons and mechanics so I can avoid buying games that don't have anything that cater to how I want to play. After looking up a few tier lists for the game, I see that hammers seem to be a fairly low tier weapon according to the community, and I just want to know for sure, is this the sort of game where all weapons types have their own pros and cons, where I can justify using any of them, or is this one of those games where some weapon types are just outright far better than others are in nearly every area. EG, Dragons Dogma had greatswords/warhammers, which only had a like 15% more damage per strike than daggers, but swung 3 times as slowly, making that upside pretty useless compared to the downside. They also had greater stagger, which didn't actually mean much at all considering items you could get, especially in hard mode, as well as their speed being so low. Is it the same case here?

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I wish I could be one of those people who didn't care what they were using as long as it was fun, and I don't see myself as a min-maxer trying to get the highest possible dps or whatever, but if my preferred playstyle is completely and utterly gimped compared to others in a really noticeable way, then I can't get rid of that thought while playing a game, and it just makes me sad.

Can anyone supply me with some information about how this all works in Monster Hunter?


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