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Hunter Handbook – Anjanath, the Troublemaker

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If you want context, look here and here. I'd intended to sleep on the question about Walls, but I decided to write this up and sleep on it instead.

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By now, you’re probably used to the idea of unique gimmicks, right? Great Jagras’s swollen belly, Barroth and Jyuratodus’s mud armor, Tobi-Kadachi’s static charge, stuff like that. Well, it’s time to forget everything you know about gimmicks, because Anjanath is one furious furry flaming fighter.

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Must. Go. Faster.: Anjanath isn’t so gimmick-centric as the monsters you’ve fought up to now. This beast goes back to the basics, forcing you to think quick and leap quicker in order to evade its high-damage physical attacks. To this end, you’ll want to try getting used to evading through things with the i-frames of your dodges, as Anjanath’s size can make it hard to get all the way to safety if you dodge away or to the side.

Life Finds a Way: Anjanath is tall, leaving its tail- a common weakpoint- out of reach for a lot of weapons. And given that the head is where the teeth and fire are, you may want to avoid being directly in front of the dinosaur. So where do you hit it? The legs. They aren’t as weak as the tail or the head to start out, but once you do enough damage to break them, they become significantly softer.

Throat Punch: Most fire-producing monsters have a Flame Sac somewhere in their throats, and Anjanath is no exception. Anjanath’s Flame Sac is located right under its chin, and you can see the glow it gives off if you look closely when Anjanath is heated. This gives the troublemaker one mean glass jaw, as hitting the Flame Sac until it detonates will send the Anjanath reeling backwards and topple it like a mount. Target the glowing Flame Sac if you can safely do so.


Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours: Despite Anjanath’s immunity to fire, Rathalos absolutely trounces it in combat. If you can lure Anjanath to Rathalos’s common hangouts- marked by Rathalos tracks- the two will engage in a turf war dealing massive damage to Anjanath. Just be sure to leave hastily afterward so you don’t end up in combat with the King of the Skies.

Other Notes: Anjanath is completely immune to fire, so don’t both bringing any weapons with that element. Instead, go for Water, as it’s Anjanath’s biggest Elemental Weakness. And when padding out your defense, go for Physical Defense before any Fire Resistance: Anjanath can only use its Fire-based attacks when its Flame Sac is heated, so its physical attacks are much more common.

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To make a long story short, Anjanath might be the tallest order you’ve faced yet, but remember it only gets bigger from here. The Troublemaker has come to test you, and as long as you stay sharp you won’t really need a single tip from this list to come out on top. Of course, you’ll still want every advantage you can get. That’s just how it works in the New World.

Also, I recommend squaring off against Anjanath multiple times for the practice, if you’re up to it. The next time you see it, you’ll be in for quite a shocking surprise.

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There you have it. The first Hunter Handbook piece. Let me know if there's anything I can do to improve this format, if it proves good enough to continue making these at all.

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