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hunter helper! day #0

MonsterHunterWorld3 - hunter helper! day #0

you can skip the next paragraph if you dont want the backstory, lol

So i am planning to buy the playstation 5, but my dumbass did not know it was preorder only. turns out the earliest i can now get it is dec 16th, almost a month away. in celebration of me finishing my uni stuff for the year, and the (hopefully) soon-ish to be arriving ps5, i decided to get xbox live to help people out for as long as i can (because its pretty fun and i know some people are still struggling)

anyway, here's my details:

GT: phenixds6 , TIMES AVAILABLE: roughly 1PM CEST- 6PM CEST most days of the week

on to what i will/wont do:

FARMING/OPTINAL QUESTS : as long as nobody is asking for more "important" help (like special assignments) im good for whatever, will help ya farm mantles too as i have good investigations and for mats i have GL regions 7 7 7 for tundra, volcanic and coral. happy to do this with 2-4 players

PARTIAL CARRIES : ie, if you are really low MR/HR and you just want (for example) fatalis gear. you can stay alive but cant kill him yourself due to bad deco rng or simply not having a good enough weapon yet, or even just because you dont yet know the openings. i can help ya :). applies for all monsters (will not carry a team, duo runs only)

HARD CARRIES : i wont encourage this, but im up for anything except fatty. i dont think im good enough at that fight yet to solo a duo scaled fatty, but a partial carry i can do. this only applies to duo runs (i will not hard carry a team)


CHILLED HUNTS : if you dont need help and just want to hunt for fun feel free to join :), will be happy to play with you. happy to do this with 2-4 players

STORY/ASSIGNED QUESTS: strict no-no from me. the story is training wheels for what's later on and you really should just tough it out (imo)

some fluff:

not that it matters much, but i am HR 999, MR 850+ with roughly 1300 hours, but I may still cart occasionally (it happens to the best of us)

if i disconnect outside of the given time period, its probably because my connection cut (my internet isnt great) dont worry, ill probably join back soon

i may check your builds, particularly for fights like fatalis and alatreon where i want us to have at least a chance of success. i may give advice about armor skills etc, if after that you need to farm better gear, ill help you do it. dont worry, if your asking for a hard carry i wont care, lmao (and obv you dont need to listen to me, but if i see defense boost 7 i assume the person is uninformed and will offer advice. please dont be offended by this, if you just like the skills in question thats on you i guess)

feel free to add me on xbox if any of this interest you, i will be hosting "help" sessions with alatreon as the target monster. ill start tomorrow

PS: i plan to make a short reminder post on the days i play, so a better title name would be nice. please let me know if i am breaking any rules by doing so. Hope to see you there!

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