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Hunting Horn and MHWorld: Is it in a good spot right now?

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Posted this in the World subreddit, but I'm curious about what the posters over here think about the subject. If you ask me, it's in the best place it's ever been mechanics-wise–but in the average player mindset? Not so much unfortunately.

As a long time HH user, it makes me a little sad to see so many of my potential new brother and sister dooters pick up the weapon to do little more than buff and heal. Difficult fights like Ancient Leshen and Behemoth/Extremoth have brought about this new 'support craze' mindset that popularizes putting an awesome weapon on the sidelines as a passive teammate when corner horning used to be the last thing you'd EVER want to be. Really miss the good old days where almost all of us unanimously accepted that support players are DPS players too and jumped right into the fray with everyone else (I know it's not all of the new HH crowd, there are still plenty of Horn Heroes out there that enjoy getting their hands dirty while they doot–and I tip my hat to them–but still).

What's slightly scary about it is that Capcom seems to have their eyes and ears slightly more open to the public with World than it did in the past. HH has needed some love in the offensive department for ages, but with a large amount of players putting that so low on their priority list, they may see improvements in that area as unnecessary. There already seems to be a slight bias against making it a more capable damage dealer…several Horns like Taroth Sleep and Deviljho Vero were intentionally given less base raw and less affinity than the same options for other weapon classes, the Taroth loot pool was full of bad drops for us, several crafted options are total flops due to the bad power balance between AuL/XL and non AuL/XL Horns, etc. We really don't need it getting into their heads that offense doesn't matter to HH players.


Now, Gen/GenU had the right idea with the double note system that encourages front line fighting by making buffing more efficient if you actually attacked on a consistent basis. World did too with sound bursts and roll canceling making recitals better offensive tools, but apparently that nudge towards offensive play isn't always noticed by everyone. Thinking on that and noticing this Wide Range support craze, an idea came to mind: if you can't beat them, merge them. What if with HH, you could heal others with health augments?

That'd flip the script BIG time: you wouldn't just heal by chugging potion after potion on the outskirts of the fight, you'd do it by laying into monsters and steadily healing your your teammates in the process. Like a morale boosting warrior musician plunging headfirst into battle, every swing of your Horn would boost your group's capabilities while also rejuvenating their injuries. Less passive medics, more aggressive supporters because efficient support play would be directly linked to efficient DPS play–the way it really should be. They could make it a unique ability or balance it by making Wide Range a requirement, whatever. Either way, it'd solidify its place as the best supportive option AND something that should ideally be used as a proper weapon. What do you all think? Would you prefer a method of healing that's more active in nature like this, or do you prefer things as is? What would you change or keep the same with HH, and what are your hopes for it in Iceborne?

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