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I beat Kulve Taroth solo with a LBG, here are some tips !

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First I'll explain how I did it : Get your pursuit level to 6, get every reward objectives, then, when you start the quest, quickly go to the blue chest and get what you need, and then immediately jump off, and grapple to the beetle while you're still falling, speed is key, you have to get to her as fast as you can, and you'll have to shoot down the boulders (there are four in the first area but she may not give you a chance at all of them, in general you can get three to fall if you're quick), it may take some practice, try to get them to fall on her head, though most of them will fall on the tip of her tail as she's zooming across the area.

When she enters area 2, now is the time to prepare, max potions, demon drugs etc. If you got a boulder or two to fall on her head, a hit from anything during the second stage will make the plating to fall off (it seems it works like Xeno'jiiva's tail, which is much harder to cut in the first phase, and will be cut with a single hit in the second phase if you dealt enough damage). This stage is pretty straighforward, deal damage to her until she runs away, try to get the horn to break as well, though you can do it in the third stage more easily.

Third stage can be very good if you can use the boulders and eruptions properly, here's the trick, when you see an eruption spot is starting to get active and still has a boulder next to it ready to use, lure her in, drop the boulder, and she'll fall on the eruption spot, where it'll keep doing damage to her while she's down, this will not work if the horn isn't broken yet and that the boulder breaks it, so this is why it's best to break the horn during stage 2, repeat for all three boulders, after that she shouldn't have much left for the final stage.

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Everytime she is down, I get to her face and put down any mines I have and use melee attacks to build up stun, this will allow for an easy stun for the final stage, I tried to do the same with mounting damage but mounting during her last stage doesn't seem to work out and is too risky, I think she resets any mounting damage she had built up when she transitions to final stage. Having a bowgun with all statuses works good, or at least paralysis and sleep, keep your berrel bombs for when you sleep her, and only sleep and paralyse her during the final stage, you will want to use all your best tricks at this point.

Now's the interesting part, I'm almost definitely certain that her horns can only be broken below a certain health threshold, for blunt and cutting weapons this hardly matters as her head is a weakspot, but the only weakspot for shot damage is her chest, and actually, if you only focus her horns with shot damage, you'll lose, you have to lower her health, by shooting at her chest, pierce works wonders, probably ice too.

Of course the horns also require a certain ammount of damage done, so to make sure, anytime she was done I'd do melee attacks on her head and put down mines, the rest of the time, feel free to put down mines liberally and at any time, just make shure she doesn't trigger them with ranged attacks.

And this is how I did it, I don't even have a really good set or weapons either, just the Xeno'jiiva set with crit boost charm, 2 crit up decorations, fortify and a bunch of survivability decorations, weapon is unaugmented Karma with triple recoil reducers, I eat for strength boost and only use armorskin and demon drugs.

Another thing to note : it doesn't matter how long you're taking for the first three stages as long ase she gets to stage 4, each stage will last a set amount of time which resets after each stage.


Ask me anyhting !

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