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I can’t decide whether I should reacquire 4U

MonsterHunterWorld3 - I can't decide whether I should reacquire 4U

This series in general confuses me with my experience with it. This will be kind of long but I'd appreciate anyone who reads this and offers their opinion.

I started this series when I was a kid traveling and in the ginormous Dubai airport my dad let me buy one video game for my PSP. While I really wanted Spider-Man Friend or Foe I saw Freedom Unite and something about it just clicked with me. I made a good choice.

That was the start of an obsession I carried through two years of middle school. I put an unhealthy amount of time into that game and only stopped when I found Crimson Fatalis too hard.

Cut to years later and when 3U came out on 3DS I immediately was turned off. I thought then and still do "how to instantly make any game worse? Add water." I never gave it a chance.

Then in 2015 when 4U came out I was just starting college and bought it on a whim to relive childhood memories I guess? Hoo boy I loved that game, but I only got up to the Tigrex and while I loved seeing my boi from FU back again but with VERTICALITY life happened and I never got back to the game.

Years later I had a New 3DS because I lost my old portable game collection in a moving truck accident. I bought Generations to try and get back into the series but… I don't know why I hate this game. I absolutely despised it. I know they added a bunch of cool stuff like Hunting Styles and arts but the game felt… polluted? I sound like a jerk maybe but I literally got to the Tetsucabra and put the game down. I could not stand it. And I have zero desire to play Gen U either. I don't understand how coming off of 4U which I loved something about this game just absolutely bothers me.


Then World happened and as an adult with a rather busy life I somehow still have poured about four hundred hours into it. Now that I've fought my first Alatreon and killed enough of him to make a mountain of corpses into armor, I'm finally getting bored of World. I've seen just about everything in the New World and while it's absolutely a brilliant game I'm starting to miss old Monster Hunter. I know Fatalis is coming and all but it'll be a while yet and I think I'll finally put World down after that.

For some reason 4U is sounding really appealing right now, especially since I never finished it before. But have I missed the train? Not to sound cliche with "is this game dead?" but rather is it worth going back to the old world? Is there anything magical about fighting the God of Hot Fish I never got to meet in FU? Or would it be better to wait for the rumored new MH on Switch with the MT Framework engine from DMC4? Well I suppose even if Capcom does announce a new MH on Switch it likely won't be out for a few months at least so I'll have time to make the memories I never got to five years ago.

Man I think I'm convincing myself the more I write this.

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