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I feel like certain MHW Youtubers are too harsh on Capcom for giving us Free Content not fast enough. It´s ungrateful.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - I feel like certain MHW Youtubers are too harsh on Capcom for giving us Free Content not fast enough. It´s ungrateful.

I am honestly not going to name too many names since I do not want this post to become a "Let´s shit on ____" thread, but if you have seen some videos about the new Developer Announcements, you can tell that some of these Content Creators, as much as I love them myself, seemingly love to complain and make demands towards Capcom for Free Content.
Here is just a example.
Capcom announces AT version of a Monster.
Youtuber: "Yeah but can it have like new moves ? Can´t it just be like a new monster ? Urgh Capcom just give us a new Monster. New Monsters ? I am tired of these new Events bc all I do is play Monster Hunter and I need mooooooreeeeee"

Not even exaggerated to be honest, it really does feel like all they do is ask for more content, constant flow of new shit coming out for a Game that came out a year ago and has given us more free content than some others AAA Games would in their entire lifecycle.
I get it. We all love Monster Hunter and we might even be a little spoiled, getting all of this free content for a 60$ game if not even lower.

Now I know that Monster Hunter World HAS some microtransactions, but a Handler outfit, some stickers and some gestures is honestly not that bad if you think about it.
Seriously, let us just give a few examples what Capcom could have turned into Microtransactions in this game:

– Mealvouchers could easily be turned into a 20 for 5$ pack
– Researchpoints could be a premium currency with trails giving even less points and Capcom hiding behind the "You can grind them" defense
– Armorupgrades could become some lootbox reward
– The entire Layered Armor system could become one BIG Lootbox problem
– Every single new Monster, even Behemoth, could become a 10$ DLC (Something like a DLC fighter in a CAPCOM GAME)
– S.O.S flares ? Could probably be a few cents worth
– Premium Meals ? That Gourmet meal will be worth a buck for some
– Pougie costumes, basically cosmetics
– Getting better Investigations ? Something like a booster would sell like hot cakes
– Bounties and Weekly bounties could be the daily grind in some AAA Online games
– Gardening ? Each booster to farming materials could be sold with premium currency
– High Level tickets for the crafting of end game weapons and armor could be hard to get unless you buy some
– Palico ! Literally everything the Palico has is a literal goldmine for more malicious developers !
– All the pets in your House, basically just cosmetics
– Upgrades to your Room, cosmetics. 5$ please.
– The Argosy could be payed with premium currency


And then some more !
Capcom has given us a marvel of quality and consumer friendlyness, a year worth of free content allmost every month.
No, I do not care that you can do a naked AT Xeno run without Hud in 5 minutes. Stop complaining that Capcom is scamming you by not giving you free shit all the time !
Some really do not realize how good we honestly have it at the moment with the DLC coming out in autumn.
Autumn might be far away and the next year might be a really dry in content, but what have you lost ? Literally nothing.
It was all for free and it kept you playing Monster Hunter for a good year.
Shit, we even got the most Ultimate collection of all Old Gen Monster Hunter too, so I honestly do not think Monster Hunter will suddenly dissapear for some.
it is just really frustrating to constantly listen to some of those voice that just LOVE to complain because the latest Free update was not a whole new monster, map or whole new game at this point.

Is anyone else feeling so frustrated by that ?
It makes me hate the dedicated Monster Hunter Youtube more and more constantly saying how they are Dissapointed or how Capcom is letting down its fans.
They´re not. They honestly aren´t.
Just look at the other games Capcom gets out and see how many free updates those games have gotten or just how much they sell for basic additions to these games.

I really hope it gets better, but knowing Youtube and what a hustle it is there to get views with positivity, I might just quit watching Monster Hunter content there all together.

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