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I feel like nothing is challenging

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Preface this by saying I'm no elitist. I'm no speed hunter, arena king, solo god, etc etc.

Basically I'm at the point where I'm not sure capcom could add something I'd have serious trouble doing. Besides arena quests with set loadout garbage.

I've been playing since freedom 2. So a long time. World endgame sucks. I said it before the game came out that no separation between guild and village was a stupid idea. Nothing is difficult in this game. And it's really aggrevating that doing everything solo is easier than with a group. And it's not difficult with a group in the sense the monster hits harder. It's more difficult because I can't trust anybody else to not screw up the whole hunt. The arch tempered elders we just had were the prime example. 4 people was impossible, solo was a joke. Not to mention I mostly play with a close friend and this game doesn't scale for 2 or 3 people. It scales for 4 hunters as soon as you get 1 other person. So if I wanted to play with just him and I, it takes about twice as long than if we just soloed our own separate hunts.


Also the endgame of killing dozens of tempered elder dragons to never get the streamstone I want is a problem and disheartening. Not being able to just craft the decorations I've wanted for months is a problem. (Never seen a handicraft gem 200+ hours, 1 attack gem). I miss the old system where charms were the rare thing. I never worried about min maxing. I just rocked the coolest armor set (molten tigrex will never be beat) and my favorite weapon and went to town collecting every badass piece of gear I wanted. Half the longswords in this game look dumb and are copy pasted, only armor set I like is val and I got the full y set, etc etc. I could ramble on. I'm just bored. I dont know what to do and I'm sick of trying to get streamstones and decos I'll never get.

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I would also like to say I'm not only playing this game. I try and play once or twice a week now. Mostly when my friend wants to play.

Problem is I WANT I play this game. I love the gameplay. I just dont know what to do and everything feels like a waste of time.

Tld;dr: I miss being able to go to guild hall and know that high rank and g rank were challenging. Hopefully g rank will rock my world. This game should have never gotten rid of separate stories for village and guild.

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