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I feel like such an outsider to the series

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I started playing with Monster Hunter World. I was always interested but couldn't get into the 3DS one I had cause the controls kind of sucked and my DS was so small. Playing World, though, I'm in heaven.

However, all of my long-time playing friends make me feel so weird. Sometimes they make me feel like a casual because my number one priority is going for fashion/aesthetic. But what really sets me apart is how we react to the monsters. One friend has been playing ever since the first MH game apparently and ranted about the Azure Rathalos and Kirin. They're the worst, hardest monsters in the game and I'll be miserable. Great.

Instead, I am only annoyed that I'm chasing the Azure Rathalos through the forest for 30 min cause I burn him down quickly otherwise. Apparently he's the Rathalos on crack and he usually carts people–but I just killed three in a row yesterday without breaking a sweat, and yesterday was my first time fighting them. And I get sad killing the Kirin cause of how beautiful it is, and I basically farm it all day with no problems, usually using the one life/15 min quests.


Oh, the Diablos? Apparently he's so cool and isn't that hard to fight. However I've been scarred by how many times it has whipped around 180 degrees just to charge and one shot me when I first learning the game. The Paolumu and Pukei Pukei? Apparently they're really lame monsters yet I fell head over heals for them and absolutely love them.

The Lance is boring to them, but it has been the most fun since I started playing this game using a giant unicorn horn for a weapon!

It's been really fun for me so far, but it's even funnier how much different my new experience is compared to their seasoned ones with this game. How have you long time players reacted to this game?

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