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I feel like the endgame is really lacking Alatreon or a similar monster

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TLDR: endgame is grinding monsters to get better at grinding those same monsters, breaks formula of MH

Seriously, it TEDs, though a real challenge the first few times, become incredibly tedious after a few runs.

For me at least, I just feel so demotivated to fight them now that I can kill them regularly. Sure, I could max out my set, but why should I if I’ve already killed everything the game has to offer?

I can’t help but feel as though this endgame breaks the Monster Hunter formula entirely, because generally you fight tougher and tougher monsters until you hit a wall, and then you upgrade your armor and prepare to beat that wall.

Ultimately that’s what Monster Hunter is to me, climbing higher and higher walls, just to feel that rush when I beat something that seemed impossible at first!

generally to beat the monsters that stop you dead in your tracks you’ll need better gear above all, and in doing so that really builds up the fight.

That’s why we upgrade our gear, but killing a monster to be slightly better at killing that same monster is practically the antithesis of the “gameplay loop” that the devs talk so much about. Only problem is, we’re out of challenges to fight, and many players like myself don’t see a point in gearing up for another wall that just isn’t there.


That’s where Alatreon comes in, it or something like it could be the monster that requires players to have fully augmented gear before standing a chance, an epic fight that requires everything the game gives you to beat it.

Because right now the endgame just feels unfinished: like there’s supposed to be something else, but there just isn’t. We run out mountains to climb before we are unable to get better at it, and unless your into speed runs, it feels pretty anticlimactic that MHW just kinda ends…. no final showdown that takes everything you’ve got… no looming threat to drive you to become better… there’s just nothing.


Sorry if this seems like a whine post, it really wasn’t intended that way, but I do think that this is the real issue with MHW, and I was frequently seeing it mentioned by players, yet rarely talked about in a larger thread. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

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