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I finally conquered my demon.

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Today is probably about 2.5/3 years after I first played MH4U. My first Monster Hunter game.

I had a co-op partner who I would always play with. He got me into the game and showed me the basics.

We'd get through some key quests and some minor farming on the weekends. Then for the week we'd both do some solo farming to get our new gear finished, or a new weapon, and meet back up Friday night to get our keys done. We stopped playing together around G1. I made it to G2 with some other friends, but that's where I hit my wall.

Over time I stopped playing as much, only hunted when the streamer I watched was hosting viewer rooms, didnt really build new armor sets, stopped farming for new weapons.

I moved on to Generations beginning of 2017, finished the main story quests, and barely made it to HR in online. With World I'm currently in endgame, building gear to feel more comfortable with tempered mons.

Today I decided to pick up 4U again. I've been itching for it for a few nights now and I just had to give in eventually. Got in, hunted Gore to get myself re-acclimated with the game, and then I decided I wanted to hunt an Elder. So I went through my quests and settled on a monster I only hunted once before, and that was in a 4 player group, the Akantor.

Now… I've tried to hunt Akantor solo a ton of times, I'd always triple cart or just gave up cause I wasn't feeling it. He's had a history of beating my face.

But this time would be different. I wasn't gonna let him beat me up again. It was my turn.

I load in to Ingle Isle… and there he is. I've toppled his brother Ukanlos many times, this time it was his turn to fall.

The first few minutes I was getting hit left and right, spending the time learning his moves. I fainted in the first 20 minutes after a pretty awful stun.

But I was getting better. I was learning his tells, learning when I could attack safely, learning his habits.


A tense battle insued, I was chugging potions every chance I could, my cats were getting knocked around. I was running low on supplies.

And then one slight miscalculation…. and I was back at base camp. One life remaining, no more retries.

I didn't have much left, a couple of mega poitions, one lifepowder, and some first-aid meds, and the herbs my cats would leave me.

But I pushed on. I got back down to the arena, and for my final push I gave it my all.

I broke his belly, he was getting tripped, I broke his tusk. I was in the advantage. He didn't stand a chance.

After some poor judgements on attack times, I was on 30% health, with no more healing items and my cats were dead. I was dead for sure.

But I played safe, only taking easy hits and running away, staying out of range and carefully observing.

My cats came back, and they brought health horns. I had a semi-reliable source of healing. For now.

I went back in, staying right under him, dodging his swipes and bites, giving myself enough room to dodge belly slams and roars.

I tripped him, and took the oppurtunity. I laid into him as best as I could, but it wasn't enough. He stood back up.

I was panicked. I was in one shot territory, and he was not happy with me.

We exchanged blows. A few more stray hits and some health horns from my supports.

And then he gave me one last opening.

I sprinted up to him, and started wailing on him as hard as I could.

And then. It happened.

"Quest Complete"

I was never so ecstatic to hear the victory fanfare. I never tried this hard to kill a monster before, spent this much time and resources. This was a special victory screen to me. I started tearing up from happiness.

This was the first time I ever killed Akantor by myself.

This feeling is why I will always love this series. I will never forget this victory theme.

Happy hunting everyone.

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