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I found an exploit against the Behemoth

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I was in an SOS against the Behemoth.

The comp was:

  • 2 Great Swords.
  • One Insect Glaive. All of them as damage build.
  • And me as a Long Sword but with a support build and maxed out Wide Range.

The IG user was doing his thing and jump around until he can ride the Behemoth. When he finally rode him and started knifing him, I did my support thing also and started filling back his Stamina bar with some Rations.

At one point, we saw that he stopped knifing the Behemoth. We were all standing still and waiting but also wondering what's happening to him.

Turns out, he wanted us to do the damage on the ground while he will stay on his back so that the Behemoth won't do any attack. Which we did. And me occasionally refilling his Stamina bar with Rations.


When the IG finally decided to get down, the Behemoth immediatly casted Ecliptic Meteor and went to the second zone.

We tried to do the same again, it worked another time, so it was definitely and exploit and not a bug. The IG rode him, I gave him Stamina and me and the 2 GS did the damage to his Feet/Head. Then he casted Ecliptic Meteor again and went to the last zone where we did it again and killed him.

It took around 10 minutes max with nearly no Potions used.

You know what's the best part about all that ? We were all randoms and had no mics. We just had some game sense and pretty High HR. Really great to meet people like that. Makes the game 100x more fun.

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