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I HATE Kirin

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Finally managed to beat HR Kirin last night…. not the tempered one, the plain ole High Rank elder dragon quest for Kirin.

I hate that bi*ch so damn much. Can’t sit still, bolt to the face. Move forward? Bolt to the face. Try to back up, bolt to the face. Dodge left, roll right into a shiny blue spot on the ground, bolt to the face. Try to get close? Nope here comes more lightning better run away. Ah an opening! Here I come! Bolt to the face! Gah fu*k! Ok he just did lightning over in BFE here I come jump forward swing to the head wait where the fu*k is he going?! Bolt to the face. God I need to heal, ok he’s running after Palico over there. Drink potion, bolt to the face! Need to sharpen ok here we go, wait why is he suddenly turning to look at me?! Fu*k!

God damn this pony is fu*king annoying as all fu*k. I spend half the match running around dodging spots on the ground to avoid lightning and to try and get a single hit on him and he runs off to the other side of the field! When I finally do catch up to him I only have time for 2-3 hits before I have to run like mad again and hope I’m not running directly into another spot on the field that Isn’t in the camera field of vision.

I’m using a mix of Barroth and tobi armor for lightning resist, eating large elemental resistance meals, max potions, demondrugs, armorskin, Palico tuba, and the Anjanath fire SnS. I don’t have paralysis or stun resistance decorations so what can I do? I just chip away at this bi*ch until He decides to rest then blow him up with bombs and still have to keep chipping away.


It’s such an annoying fight, it’s not fun, it’s aggravating and a pain in the ass!!! And guess what? I still have to fight him again to get more parts for those ugly assed Kirin pants!


I’m out of mega potions now too and I need to go farm crops for potions thanks to this bi*ch. God damnit I have to spend precious time in game to go farm fu*king potions. Jesus H Christ!

I would fight Nergigante over and over again but this is just hell. Nothing in this game has made me feel like this. Even after killing t I just want to crawl in a corner and wimper. There wasn’t a sense of accomplishment in it. Just a feeling of “thank god that’s over”. Until I went to the workshop and realized I had to do it again!

God damn this mother fu*king murderous pony from hell!!

Fu*k you Kirin. Fu*k. You.


Actually I think I should add something I found that I haven’t seen In other threads. It may just be me but the sporepuffs in coral highlands where you fight him… they really seem to confuse Kirin. He loses sight of you and kind of slows down and just pass the ground looking around for you. When I remembered to use them it was helpful in giving me openings to unload a few hits on him, run away from his reactions, then go back into the smoke screen and do it again. It worked even better if he was in the sporepuff area himself. He really couldn’t get a bead on me at all until he either moved away from it or it wore off.

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