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I have a confession to make…i’m terrified of behemoth

MonsterHunterWorld10 - I have a confession to make...i'm terrified of behemoth

Now, I was a longtime solo player of the games, starting with the original monster hunter, which I put down because seventeen year old me couldn't comprehend the gameplay enough to enjoy it due to being dumb as a bag of konchus, to mhfu, my first REAL experience with the franchise where i learned to have fun and enjoy the agonizing brutality of tiggy's gigantic hitboxes, to tri and p3rd (p3rd will always be one of my faves simply because it was so accessible and fun) to mh4/4u which i still consider to be the best in the franchise, to mhxx/gu and then world. Most, if not all of my hunting has been done solo, virtually every hunt i had to learn and slowly master, and i loved every second of it.

Now, world to me is the most "fun" of these games, it's easy when running solo, which makes it very accessible, But hear me now when I tell you that never has a greater irony visited that game than the day that behemoth laid its fierce, burning gaze upon the new world's dodogama supply.

I'm reminded of the mysterious figure from kingdom hearts birth by sleep, a similar irony in that the easiest title in the franchise had the hardest superboss in all of gaming.

I took on the behemoth quest not knowing what i was in for, I was just excited that behemoth was FINALLY translated into an mh fight. to me, it was like one of my daydreams come true, being a fan of mh i always wanted to see behemoth make a guest appearance in the game.

But good unholy god…was I not mentally prepared for this nightmare.

Behemoth has tigrex hitboxes, hits like a truck with endgame elder dragon armor maxed (he can easily 2 shot you if you've maxed ALA pre-streamstone stuff) and he summons meteors regularly.


aside from being an incredibly faithful adaptation of the FF fight, he is legitimately harder than anything i've ever fought. Forget deviljho, forget white fatalis or literally any other mh fight in any other monster hunter game, behemoth is THE single most difficult non-MMO fight in the franchise, of this I'm convinced. this is coming from a guy who casually solos elder dragons with the hr yukumo set. the YUKUMO SET- i'm so crazy good that i can confidently defeat thunderlord zinogre in yukumo gear. i'd probably do it naked too.

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but back to my point. that first experence scarred me, the constant 2 shots, the presence of a "10 wipe" condition, the fact that it summons ecliptic meteor-

this fight is insane, worse still the mechanics revolve around forcing aggro. behemoth will cast wind walls regularly when in "non aggro mode" meaning someone has to tank it like in an MMO, repeatedly stab its face until it's aggro'd and then it switches to "cast meteors repeatedly" until you die or it runs off.

While i'm absolutely over the moon that behemoth finally made it into monster hunter, that first fight traumatized me and now i'm scared to touch "he taketh it with his eyes" simply because those eyes spoke only of hate, murder, death, and giant meteors….

I'm ashamed to call myself a fan of this franchise….

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