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I have a lot more appreciation & respect for Normal Behemoth now that I’ve defeated the Extreme version.

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - I have a lot more appreciation & respect for Normal Behemoth now that I've defeated the Extreme version.

Extreme Behemoth is ludicrously unfair.

…But looking back at regular Behemoth… He actually fights pretty clean for the most part & dare I say that he's also relatively forgiving.

Charybdis is a non-existent problem for anyone who's even remotely competent. Either flash him without limit or simply use the generous cast time & bring it to the edge of the area where it won't bother anyone.

Speaking of generosity… Normal Behemoth also supplies a healthy amount of Comets to hide behind which should make dodging Ecliptic a cinch.

There's no DPS check. You have more quest time.

And as long as you have a healer then everyone will be fine.

Extreme Behemoth taught lessons when Normal Behemoth fell short.

And now we can go back to Normal Behemoth with all this refined knowledge & skill.

Despite how horrendous Extreme Behemoth was… It did a fantastic job of making us understand Normal Behemoth better.

The monsters in Monster Hunter are animals first… Bosses second.


Behemoth is a boss first… Animal second.

It doesn't quite feel like Monster Hunter… & If there were too many monsters that acted like a Raid Boss then it would just be stupid.

…But having just the one is perfect.

And strangely enough… I've actually only ever slain 4 Behemoths.

One from the Special Assignment… Two from the Optional Quest… And One Extreme Behemoth.

I've fought him many times but most attempts ended in failure.

While I myself don't have use for him anymore… I can now happily help my friends & others with Behemoth now that my mind has been opened up.

Normal Behemoth is fun… Epic… & I like him now.

How do you feel about Behemoth at this point? Still hate him? …Or are you cool with him now?

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