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We all have either heard of or read the Tale of the Five at this point correct? There is an interesting correlation between the Tale and the Elder Dragons we have faced so far.

The Tale of the Five states that long ago, Dragons and humans could communicate. A human asks the Dragons why the world is so empty, to which the Dragons respond by making the empty world into the one we know now before leaving and forming an Island far from the world they had given life to.

Legend has it that five Elder Dragons became the Sky, Mountains, Lakes and Oceans and finally a Sapphire Star that would light the night sky.

We've already faced the Sapphire Star. Xeno'jiiva in it's infancy was growing off the incredible amount of bio-energy in the Elder's Recess, supposedly holding the potential to become a god among Elder Dragons.

I suspect that Shara Ishvalda is the Dragon that took the form of the Mountains. Think about it. Shara Ishvalda is an incredibly powerful Elder Dragon that resided in the path of the Everstream, just like Xeno'jiiva did. Shara has the potential to shatter and break mountains, and we see just that happen in the background of our fight with it. Shara's vibrations covered everywhere in the Everstream, causing seismic actions that broke mountains and shattered a lot more notable landmarks.

Not to mention the New World seems very similar to the land that the Five Dragons formed when they left. A large landmass that was uninhabited by humans and holds incredible mysteries, something that keeps piling up in number. The loading screen even states that the New World has been around, but wasn't able to be reached until recently.

Edit: In order to further put credence to the theory, I'll list a couple conditions that both Shara and Xeno'jiiva share which makes me think that they are somehow tied to the Five Dragons.

1: Both Shara and Xeno'jiiva were deeply connected to the Everstream.

2: Both Shara and Xeno'jiiva have the power to radically change the environment and ecosystem, as well as having seemingly unnatural abilities. (Shara's vibrations and Xeno'jiiva's bio-energy manipulation.)

3: Both Shara and Xeno'jiiva were much larger than normal Elder Dragons, most likely thanks to their roots with the Everstream.

4: Both Shara and Xeno'jiiva were already present in the New World before the Research Commision arrived, and both caused significant changes in the environment in order to be discovered.


With these four links in the chain, it further lends to the idea that Shara might be one of the Five Dragons, the Mountain Dragon specifically.

The last point also brings up another idea. Perhaps the awakening of Xeno'jiiva and Shara Ishvalda was caused by the colonization of the New World by humans. But that is assuming that Shara is one of the Five Dragons

The Tale of the Five explicitly states that the Island that the Five Dragons formed was not inhabited by humans, and supposedly was meant to remain that way. Only one person ever visited, and then disappeared soon afterwards.

This leads me to believe that the presence of humans in the New World has caused the premature birth of Xeno'jiiva and Shara Ishvalda's rampage, most likely because the New World was not meant to be touched by human hands. Of course we at the Research Commission become somewhat entitled and start thinking that the New World is now out home too, when it may not have been for us in the first place.

And also to address the idea that Zorah Magdaros might be one of the Five Dragons, the fourth point knocks that out of the water. Zorah Magdaros is known to be participating in the Elder Crossing, which leads Elder Dragons to the New World so they can die and give their bio-energy to the New World. Zorah Magdaros was not initially in the New World, but is instead migrating there to die in peace.

This also means that the New World is special in some way. Why would dying Elder Dragons cross an especially dangerous ocean to simply die in another land? Maybe their deaths were fueling the birth of the Sapphire Star, Xeno'jiiva.

Namielle is an interesting case, as it's control over water would lead one to believe that it is the Dragon that became the Lakes and Rain, but this is debunked by the first, second and third point. Namielle is nowhere near as large as Xeno'jiiva and Shara, it doesn't have wide-scale disaster type abilities, and it does not reside in the Everstream in some way. The Hunter's Guidebook also states that Namielle's abilities stem from an organ in its body, meaning it's water and electrical manipulation is purely natural and not as strange as Shara and Xeno'jiiva.

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