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I have completed my personal challenge after procrastinating over it for way too long

MonsterHunterWorld4 - I have completed my personal challenge after procrastinating over it for way too long

Warning: Really long

Okay, so there are three MHGen event quests that I tasked myself to defeat pretty much a year ago, The Greatest Hunter, Best of the Best, and Five Kings of Destruction, I completed Greatest Hunter within 2 days and then proceeded to take a couple months off the game, then later on I proceeded to take on Best of the Best, with some advice and a change of equipment, I managed to beat it within 2 days, with the victory being very bitter. Months later due to the fact I procrastinated over the quest and took another break from the game itself, I proceeded with Five Kings of Destruction, a quest that holds a fight against Hyper Fated Four and Hyper Deviljho, this was gonna be very very rough. So after some time and taking advice from two people, I still had trouble with the quest, so I decided to see Canta's run on the quest with Dual Blades (the weapon type I'm using for this quest) to see his techniques, I didn't really need much help with a majority of the monsters, only Gammoth and Mizutsune, after seeing how Canta did against Gammoth, I've taken to his ways and now I beat her quite easily (though I didn't really need much help on Gammoth either, seeing the beginning flinch and the priority on hyper parts, most especially hypered legs, were all that I needed to speed up the fight), now for Mizutsune, it was rough, I saw how Canta did and knew that I have everything wrong going for me in the fight since Mizutsune had the biggest blast resistance out them all, I was too reckless, impatient, and I never thought of my next attack or move, eventually I managed to get into the playstyle of being calm, patient, and smart, I started laser focusing on the head instead of just attacking willy nilly when I thought I was "too far from the head to maximize damage" and I started to become more patient and stay a bit close to Mizutsune and exploit every opening he shows so I can take the opportunity to attack the head, waiting for his next move, and waiting for the next time an opening snows so I can run up and exploit it, I had also started thinking of which move and attack I should do next to absolutely maximize my damage output and minimize the chances of me getting hit by Mizutsune's next attack, and finally I had all my nerves under control so I don't adept dodge prematurely and start performing a big attack whenever it was too risky, with all this I managed to beat Mizutsune in a nice amount of time, Glavenus was easy enough, and with 13 minutes left on the clock I got in to fight Jho, prepping my pitfall and LBB+ to begin, in this run, I kept a cool head and barely made any mistakes, 1 minute and 14 seconds on the clock left so I prepped my shock trap and baited Jho in and managed to succeed in capturing him, therefore beating the quest. I had made it far into this quest multiple times and nearly beaten it multiple times, it took me quite awhile, even after the advices and watching Canta, I had also taken some long breaks during my attempts at the quest, but in total, only counting the days in which I attempted the quest, it took me about 2-3 weeks of attempt days to actually beat it, it was a long run, but it was satisfying in the very end.


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