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I have never been so happy to realise how much of an absolute idiot I am

MonsterHunterWorld5 - I have never been so happy to realise how much of an absolute idiot I am

For background, I've been absolutely in love with Monster Hunter since Tri on the Wii. Have never played online in any of the games, mostly just enjoy soloing. I'm not anywhere near as into it as most are here in terms of hours and whatnot but it's still undeniably one of my favourite franchises of all time, if not my absolute favourite. However, I've only ever been good at one weapon, the hammer, so that's all I play in the games. I absolutely love smashing monsters heads in with a big rock/drill/rathalos head on a stick, so it's never bothered me much! Hadn't played some MonHun since MH4U, and only now decided to buy MHW after thinking (for some odd reason) it might be meh, before realising it was everything I've ever wanted in a MH game when playing it at a friends.

I'm about 80h in now and, using only my trusty hammer, I smashed my way through to finishing HR and am really enjoying the endgame. I absolutely ADORE the hammer in this game! The moveset is brilliant and spin jumping off a slope might just my favourite thing to do in any game. It's such an absolutely beefy, amazing weapon to wield, with fantastically satisfying DPS, and there's simply nothing more brilliant than landing a big bang finisher! However, the one move I didn't get was the 'Power Charge' thing. Just seemed like an evasive thing while charging and I just kinda found it useless so I never bothered with it. I'm sure anyone can see where this is going…


Rewind to 15 mins ago. Going out on a completely harmless investigation just to get 5 Shamos Scale +. I'm randomly charging my hammer because it's fun and my walnut brain loves randomly jumping off ledges and smashing the ground even when I'm not in a hunt. For some reason, I decided to try the power charge again, I'm not sure why, just thought it'd be a fun little thing to do because I remember liking the charging animation (again, I've got an absolute walnut brain). But this time, I notice something different I was too stupid to notice before… my hammer was glowing. Didn't really understand it, so I do something I should have done ages ago: Checked the hunter notes. I'm just after realising I had locked myself out of an entire mechanic behind a weapon that I had been using for 80 goddamn hours!

I'm falling in love with the hammer all over again just from seeing the differences in the moves I can do. It's like all the beefiness and heaviness of the hammer that I love turned up to 11. I was audibly going 'Oh my god!' just seeing it because I was at such a shock, and my reactions to any form of media very rarely go beyond a small chuckle when I'm alone! I'm actually so happy right now. This is amazing. I love my hammer and I'm glad that I can now utilise this beauty to it's fullest, smashing potential. I haven't had any trouble at all with this game so far without the power charge so I'm very interested to see how I can improve on things now that I do have it!

TL;DR Hammer user literally too stupid to press B button

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