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I have tested how effective and practical are the new gunlance moves

MonsterHunterWorld2 - I have tested how effective and practical are the new gunlance moves

Sorry for the delay, I spent a dumb ammount of time getting a full black diablos set.

Here is a summary of what I have tested, my comparisons and conclusions:

Shooting without sheathing first:

Huge change, in the video takes like 5 seconds to shoot, while when I sheath and shoot takes 10 seconds, is a 50% faster. I remember a lot of ocasions where I have started to sheath my weapon to flash a flying Daora just to land before I get the chance wasting a lot of time or not having time to flash a Teostra Nova to save someone.


Clutch Claw:

I straight up compare it with the closest thing in MH, the blast dash as a way to get back on top of the monster ASAP. The better: more reliable, faster, homes on monster and can be used on flying monsters. The worse: Im not sure at all how it works in enraged monsters, if you can pull yourself ever if you dont latch into the monster I don't want anyone complaining about lack of mobility after this move introduction.

Wyrmstake Blast attack:

This is interesting, the stab comes at a much lower angle that is good because allows you to control more where it lands. The bad thing is that WSB drill sound effect is much shorter, without sparkles and no explosion, so I wouldn't be amazed if dealt no damage besides the stab and stake.


I elaborate on how to start quests so you can reliablely use it as soon as possible. In short, on every single camp there is slinger ammo, pick and load and switch to flashpods. Flashing an unaware monster makes him quite tame for 20 seconds, more than enough to WSB it and do some nice damage.

About WSB damage I test it by doing by going to the box, picking a Kulve LBG and placing a mine on the ground. I notice that charged shots do the same damage than the explosion 98 damage while normals explode for 55 damage. Multihit shell attacks, WF and full burst only make the mine explode once, full burst counts as a normal shot and WF as a charged on terms of explosion damage.

My conclusion is that this is a huge boost for both Wide and Long styles. A long 4 can do 4000 damage on one minute and if this lasts that time is 4000 damage more, enough to kill most elder dragons and a higher dps than ever melee only.

I don't think melee only will be bad because is raw and benefits of more things than shelling but Normal really is screwed up unless they are hidding stuff like being able to shoot after a full burst or sweep.

Even if at the end WSB sucks, Im neither concerned because World has introduced shelling scaling for MR that will do shells a 25% stronger so shelling for once will not suck 100% sure.

I hope the introduce a lot of elemental gunlances since the poke shell synergy with elements and attacking bad raw zones.

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