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I imagined some Elder Dragons as humans, here are their descriptions (cuz I can’t draw)

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - I imagined some Elder Dragons as humans, here are their descriptions (cuz I can't draw)

Fatalis Brethen: White Fatalis is a wise and kind emperor that rules over the other elders.Almost gets killed by Disufiroa, saved by Guanzorumu . Black Fatalis is his first son and dreams to become like him. Crimson is the second son, a lone wolf that prefers to stay undirsturbed. They can transform into their Frontier G-Rank versions when in need.

Alatreon: One of White Fatalis' best warriors and his 3rd highest ranking officer. Has a friendly rivalry with the emperor's firstborn.

Dire Miralis: directly under Alatreon, gets too carried away in battle and often gets punished for killing his enemies in inhumane ways.

Guanzorumu: White Fatalis' 2nd highest ranking officer. Extremely loyal, willing to sacrifice himself for his master and so he does, saving White Fatalis from death at the hands of Disufiroa.

Eruzerion: the greatest of mages, helps whenever the others find him, as he likes to wander around.

Shagaru Magala: discriminated by most others for not being born as an Elder but having to develop inside a weaker body. Hates everyone and unleashes his hate on others.

Nergigante: a barbarian, cannibal warrior. Picks fight with EVERYBODY in an attempt to eat them, often hurting himself after biting more than he can chew.


Teostra and Lunastra: passionate lovers, both eager to do battle and with a fiery temper. Pun totally intended.

Kushala Daora: a fierce, cold and almost heartless warrior. Rival of Teostra

Nefu Garumudo: temple guardian, fights anyone that dares to trespass save a select few. Kicks Nerg's ass a lot.

Morudomunto: a skinny old king with a black, rusty crown and a deranged look. Always hungry, tries to eat ANYTHING, even bricks, stronger than he appears to be. Has mouths in his arms.

Kirin and Oroshi Kirin: twin agile knights. Oroshi is too curious, and this curiosity will lead him to his eventual death at the hands of Morudomunto.

Disufiroa: a warmonger, the strongest of them all. Only wants to wreak havoc. Almost kills White Fatalis.

Xeno'jiiva: an as*hole, and a creepy one at that. Only gets stronger and stronger over time. Eventually kills all life on the new world, kills Alatreon and sucks Fatalis dry of his lifeforce in front of his fater. Wants the throne more than anything.

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