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I just beat Shagaru Magala. Holy hell that was epic! :D

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - I just beat Shagaru Magala. Holy hell that was epic! :D

I know this is another one of those superfluous "I just beat X monster guys" posts, but I feel I had to make this because facing down Shagaru was the first time in my admittedly short Monster Hunter career where I felt there were stakes in the fight and I had a connection with the monster I was facing. After farming up Gore for a bit, I felt that I knew his moves, so I went Gunlance in confidence that I could easily predict him and his moves. But Shagaru had some new tricks and quickly I learned that while I got better, so did he. I carted twice, each time feeling worse about it, but also invigorated. I started only running during his enraged state with those stupid frenzy geyser things popping around the ground. I tried mounting him, I wanted my palicoes to distract him, and they only sparingly did.


Honestly it was down to the wire, cause I literally went through all but 1 potion in terms of healing. During his enrage, I got another mounting attempt, but instead of mounting him, I killed him instead. I was shocked that I actually got through him without fully failing, but it's because I respected him as an opponent, I was thoroughly prepared, and even then I barely got out of it with only one cart and almost no healing.

Then you see that the stormy skies clear away during his death, and for some reason I felt this emotional cloud ebb away. This walking apocalypse was finally finished, and I felt content.

Couple that with the long cinematic going through the Caravaneers, as well as the nice music, and I honestly was one the verge of tears.

I really wish I got into Monster Hunter sooner. That was an awesome experience. Here's to 4U high rank adventures to come. 😀

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