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I just killed Kirin solo

MonsterHunterWorld1 - I just killed Kirin solo

Finally! I finished the hr49 quest.

I played MHW with two other friends back when it came out on pc. We played the whole storyline but once we finished Xeno'jiiva my friends weren't as hooked to the game as before. I wanted to continue though and managed to convince them to fight the two bazels. But after that I could not convince them anymore to continue with me especially since they heard before of Kirin. They knew that this one is going to be a tough one and didn't wanted to commit this much time anymore to the game so they carried on to another game and after a while I did as well.

I didn't touch Monster Hunter World in a while, at least for a year. I always knew I'm going to return for Iceborne but I spent the last 6 months abroad and had no opportunity to game. But now I'm back. And I instantly patched the game and started again just to see the quest of Kirin still on my feed. I never actually tried to fight him. I was just so scared because of all the things I've heard that I never even tried it. As I returned I wanted to go into the fight well prepared. I looked up some guides for a decent armor and farmed it. I used these fights to get into the game again but it was like driving a bicycle to be honest. It felt like I never really left the game.


As soon as I was geared up I still hesitated to fight him because I read that the charge blade (my main weapon) is a bit tougher with Kirin because of his small size and the high movement (not to mention the lightning). So I tried different weapons that I got from the Kulve Taroth Siege just to get a feeling which weapon fits the best. I tried the Hammer and it didn't feel right. I didn't manage to hit his head very often and felt like my damage output is just way to poor. So after some tries I changed to the light bow gun as I joined another guy. This felt way better. I used slice ammo and I barely got any hits. If I got hit my armor was strong enough that I didn't suffer a lot but we still failed because the host died 3 times.

But I was hooked. I took some slice berries to craft more ammo. I don't really have a clue how to use the light bow gun. I never used it before but anyway I started a new round. This time just me. And damn it felt good to see all these hits from the slice ammo. I saw videos of it before the nerf and this was nuts.

My equipment had no benefits at all for any ammo or anything so there's still a lot of room for improvement but still I killed it. Just me and my weird ratalos kulve taroth bowgun. I am in total bliss right now. Now I am ready to buy Iceborne. I needed to prove that I am worthy for the dlc.

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