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I made a complete Endemic Life spreadsheet guide!

MonsterHunterWorld3 - I made a complete Endemic Life spreadsheet guide!

Hello fellow hunters!

After looking for a guide for all endemic life online and not being able to find one (aside from perhaps the wiki, which has a separate page for each creature), I decided to compile all of the information into my own on spreadsheet to keep everything in one easy to access place. It includes the location (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, etc.) that the wildlife spawns as well as which area of the map (Area 1, 2, etc.), rare/great forms, conditions that must be met (raining, night, dawn/dusk, etc.), some notes that I found helpful for harder finds, as well as a column to keep track of how many you have caught. This is a very bare-bones guide with little specifics, more for simply keeping track of the endemic life and pets you have caught, though you can easily fill in more specific information yourself!


Anyone with the link can view (and save it to your own Drive) here:

I mostly just used the Wiki for locations and other information, so please let me know if there is additional information, if any of the information on the spreadsheet is wrong, or if you have any suggestions for things that I should add.

Happy hunting! 🙂

(I'm not sure if this list counts as spoilers or not, but better safe than sorry!)


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