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I need your help to make Actual Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth! I can’t do this without you!!!

main img base 1024x624 - I need your help to make Actual Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth! I can't do this without you!!!

Hello all, I'm the musician working on Actual Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth (this thread) and I need your help!

I've currently finished with arranging all of the parts for the chorale, and I would love it if you would lend me your voice for this. If you would like to help (you don't need to be a vocal genius to help), I have included a google drive link to the parts as pdfs and MIDI (so you can listen to it), and the original file if you have musescore 2 (it's free if you want to see the notes pass while you sing).

Make sure you are wearing headphones when you sing so that there is no outside noise bleeding into your recording, and follow the MIDI tempo, so I can easily plug your part into the song. When you finish your recording, please save it as either a .wav, .flac, or .mp3 file, and PM me a google drive link to it. Also, tell me what part you chose to sing, so I can sort it accordingly.


I've done most everything I can do on my end, so if this doesn't get enough traction, I don't think I will be able to fake a whole choir, so please help out, even if you think your voice is bad (it's not, trust me). If everyone who upvoted my original post sends a track in, that would be more than enough. I'll make the deadline July 11th, so that gives you about 3 weeks to record.

Come on, MonsterHunter, let's make internet history!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, Kulve Taroth is pronounced COOL-VUH TUH-ROTH for the purposes of keeping it consistent. Looks like I picked a bad time to post this, damn you AT Vaal!

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