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I requested support from Capcom for Ultrawide and other aspect ratios

MonsterHunterWorld6 - I requested support from Capcom for Ultrawide and other aspect ratios

I spent a little time writing an email to [email protected] and [email protected] detailing the issues with running the game on monitors that aren't 16:9 such as ultrawide 21:9.

Here it is:


I'm writing in hopes the Monster Hunter World development team can optimize the game on PC for ultrawide and other aspect ratios. There are a significant number of users who would immensely appreciate being able to render the game properly on their non standard monitors. I will also add that 21:9 monitors are becoming more common every day, and arguably provide a more enjoyable, immersive gaming experience. By not supporting it you are potentially garnering negative public opinion from the PC community that will only grow as the number of ultrawide users does. Please take this into consideration, as I'm sure it could negatively affect sales for this and future titles.


The main issue is rendering at an aspect ratio other than 16:9 results in unused screen space (black bars). There has been some success within the community to resolve this issue. So it's definitely possible to properly render the game at different aspect ratios, but then another issue surfaces. When rendering at 21:9 for instance, all HUD elements retain their normal 16:9 positions, only they're justified to the left of the screen. This results in the overlays that are normally on the far right being located near the center of the screen, which is not ideal.

I would love to provide more information and examples of this issue to hopefully get this fixed. I would greatly appreciate some sort of official reply regarding this issue. I'm sure many others would appreciate it also, as you can see from the following thread on Steam.

Thank you,


Maybe if enough people contact them they will listen and properly support users with non standard monitors. Just because they haven't in past games doesn't mean they can't change their ways now. I'm still enjoying the game a lot, and have so far been playing with the HUD off without too many issues besides not knowing my health, stamina, and sharpness.


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