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I see that a lot of people are struggling with Fatalis fight. Here are some tips.

MonsterHunterWorld7 - I see that a lot of people are struggling with Fatalis fight. Here are some tips.

Fatalis doesn’t have 1 hit KO eschaton judgement so it’s really about dealing enough damage while dodging his moves. Fatalis doesn’t have many openings like Alatreon so you gotta keep sticking near his belly or feet if you are melee. I don’t use ranged so can’t give my opinion on that. You will most likely die if you get hit like 2 times so try to keep HP full at all times.

The easy way for me is to use MR Kulve armor and cheese it because you can keep spamming potions. Also, Guts can save your life.

Now I upgraded my armor so 2 piece Fatalis armor gloves/skirt + 2 piece Kulve helm/top + Raging Brachy leg. Basically the same skills but better slots to play with. Free Meal secret is just too strong for everything. Yes you will need speed eating as well. Friendship charm if you do multiplayer.

So for the strategy of fighting Fatalis. You want to learn his moves first. He has a lot of breath attacks that can hit under his feet so you have to watch those fires. You can use binding shot with ballistae at phase 2 after it uses first super attack (flying in the sky and melting the tent). Second super attack it will melt the gate so use the switch. After that you have to run towards Fatalis to dodge his super attack, I like this concept a lot bcz we shouldn’t fear God, face it head on.


When Fatalis reaches phase 3, it has blue flames. That’s the real challenge bcz it can easily KO a player. Many ppl say u should break his horn/head asap but that’s too hard to do because his head keeps moving all the times and it’s very long. I don’t think many players are experts at aiming the head yet. You don’t want to lose time following the head around for now, maybe after u get ur first kill and become more experienced with the fight.

I will recommend focusing on Fatalis belly whenever possible, that will be ur main target. If he’s standing on two feet, keep whacking at his hind legs until he falls back on four legs.

So to sum it up. Here are few tools that will help you in the fight.

  1. use ballistae on phase two when Fatalis is flying, so it drops right down.

  2. use roaming machine gun whenever u can, it’s possible to use it three times total.

  3. keep hitting the belly and hind legs. Don’t worry about the head at all because u can win even without breaking his horn. (only hit the head when he’s down)

  4. use dragonator. that’s the obvious one. it deals 6000+ damage in solo game.

  5. Fortitude jewel is mandatory coz u will die.

I may miss certain things but that’s how I beat Fatalis. You can go for the head if u have part breaker x3 but I feel like it’s really difficult to aim it for many players. Good luck to u all.

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