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I think I’m a Monster Hunter fan

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Time for a story everyone!

Once upon a time, when I was a kid, my parents took me to a trip across the sea to a different country, and all I brought was a psp. While I was there, I got a game for a gift, and on the cover it read "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite." All throughout the trip while my parents were busy doing other things, I stayed in a hotel and hunted monsters, using dual blades and trying to solo stuff without any items and not knowing what weapons and armor were good. I think it's fair to say, looking back at those times, I was a pretty bad hunter but I loved the concept and I loved the game.


Over the years since then, I've gotten every mobile Monster Hunter game since then, starting with Tri Ultimate, then 4U, and Generations, and with each new game, I got better at hunting monsters and started hunting bigger and bigger game. And, throughout my life, Monster Hunter played a subtle yet surprisingly large role in my real life as well. Any time I would face any sort of hard ship or obstacle, I would just think back to Monster Hunter, and how with enough time and dedication I could overcome any problem. It's a bit cheesy and childish but we all have ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, mine just happens to be imagining my problems as another creature to hunt, like a Jagras for smaller issues and a Rajang for those really stressful situations.

Despite all this, I never really considered myself a "Monster Hunter fan", and certainly not a diehard individual, but now as I loaded up Monster Hunter Worlds on my PS4 as a full fledged adult all these years later, and looking back at all the history I had with the game, I can't help but wonder, can I consider myself a fan yet?

TLDR, I don't know how to summarize this or why I wrote it, thanks for at least reading this tiny note though.

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