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I think that Crit Draw Great Sword might just be my favorite playstyle in all of Monster Hunter World.

MonsterHunterWorld10 - I think that Crit Draw Great Sword might just be my favorite playstyle in all of Monster Hunter World.

So here's the thing…

I understand that True Charge is better for overall DPS. It's obvious… BUT… That is actually only situationally true. (At least from my personal experience.)

Allow me to explain. For example… I soloed the Jagras, Girros, Dodo Event & actually got a faster completion time with Crit Draw opposed to True Charge.

Why is this? Well… Girros frequently Paralyzed me because I was trying to be so reckless & aggressive with True Charge (Which as you know will lock you into one general spot for a significant amount of time.) That I completely threw caution to the wind. The hit & run nature of Crit Draw helped me get a faster time because I was able to consistently & safely pump out meaty Critical Draws at a fast rate.

However… Despite how clearly viable Crit Draw still is in World, there's a catch. Just Crit Draws alone isn't enough. You really wanna be doing Level 3 Charged Draw Slashes. Only then will you see some seriously powerful results.

On the set that I use…

Thought I’d share this awesome Critical Draw build that I just made. If I had any Attack Jewels, I’d replace the Sheath Jewels with them. The fact that I was able to fit Negate Stun & Max Health Boost makes it just that much more awesome. I’m very proud of this set. from MonsterHunterWorld


You'll notice that I'm running Level 3 Focus. (Although I'm hearing reports that all you need is Level 2 so I may or may not get back to that.) In any case… The goal of Crit Draw is to be quick & nimble with what is otherwise a very slow weapon.

Find your opening, execute a Level 3 Charged Draw Slash, rinse & repeat. I still get fast kill times with Crit Draw Great Sword. I'll use True Charge on occasion but Crit Draw has my soul.

It's viable. Extremely viable! You can seriously rock monsters' worlds with Crit Draw Great Sword. Sometimes even more so than True Charge. It should NOT be underestimated… EVER!

But most importantly, above all else… It's Fun! And at the end of the day, that's all that matters. The fact that it's fun.

So do yourself a favor & go make that awesome Crit Draw set that I linked above. You can optimize it differently if you want of course. As long as you have all the important skills.


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