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I understand why people love Monster Hunter now.

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For context, I picked up World a couple of months ago and put in some time every now and again. The game hadn't fully grasped me aside from the cool moments of a monster's first appearance or when I would do a SICK move with my dual blades. Recently, with summer rolling around and the abundance of free time I obtained I decided to really play Monster Hunter since all the major games I wanted to play came out in July (me being the JRPG nut that I am).

I'm in love.


The moment that really made me go "Holy shit, I think I'm in love" was when I killed the Rathian. I had just finished (what I assume to be) the first Zorah fight and fought a..something on its back which scared the ever living hell out of me. I remember the Rathian handed my ass to me plenty of times in Expedition and I generally avoided it thinking it was out of my expertise. I proceeded to unlock the Tzitzi (I think it was called) set, WHICH MADE MY JAW DROP BECAUSE OF HOW SEXY IT IS. I was using the Tobi-Kodachi but this definitely blew the Kodachi set out of the water holy crap. I got an optional quest for hunting the Rathian and so I decided why not, I assumed I would lose anyway. Spoiler alert, I didn't. I fu*king won. Holy shit. The adrenaline pumping through my veins as I was low on health, dodging each of it's attacks, knowing full well one well placed attack or ill placed roll could end me. It was me or it, we were both about to die it was truly survival of the fittest. I had never felt my heart beat so hard for anything other than a fighting game (big BlazBlue fan). I tried staying my distance with the Long Sword, only using attacks that I knew would for sure hit. Then, I hadn't expected it but the Rathian had stunned me. I felt nothing but dread. I worked so hard to kill it. YO and then my Palico, Apple by the way, cute fella, SNAPPED ME OUT OF IT AND PUSHED ME OUT OF THE WAY TAKING THE WHOLE THING. I was surprised but in the opportunity it gave me with its bold sacrifice as the Rathian was recovering, I STABBED IT RIGHT THROUGH THE HEAD. HOLY SHIT. For years I have been wanting to get into the franchise but never could. I understand now why people love it so much. That satisfaction of killing a mighty beast you couldn't before, the satisfaction of wearing the animal you slain is crazy. I'm in love and I'm definitely going to be picking up XX on Switch in August.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to kill it a few more times so I can get the spike to upgrade my Long Sword 🙂

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