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I was at a party that a girl named Katie invited me to.

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I didn't think I had a chance with Katie, and kinda still don't. See, Katie has always been used to the "finer side of life" and always seemed really refined and posh, which always made her seem unapproachable. Actually, I've known Katie for about a year now, and all the guys she hangs out with were way above me and closer to Katie's "league". They spent months buying things they know Katie would love, just to try and pursue her affection, but with that said I've also seen these same signs of affection cast aside due to Katie's (well-documented) mood-swings. In fact, some of the guys and gals who "got lucky" with Katie barely even gave her more than a cool drink to quench her thirst. It was those people, the ones who gave her basically nothing and got a lot in return, that made me rethink my chances. Maybe, just maybe, Katie would take a liking to me and we would be more than just mere acquaintances.

So, I worked up the courage to try and talk to Katie at a party she invited me to. I saw her a little late into the party but still decided to approach her. A few other people were around too though and I think they caught her attention more than me. Because of this, I kept at a distance, trying to find a way to approach her without getting myself in a sticky situation. I couldn't ask any piercing questions obviously because I mean I barely knew her, and I didn't want to hit her with a cluster of tacky jokes. In the end, I was kinda forced to try and leech off the other people who were there that night to try and woe Katie, and maybe get some meager experience. To their credit, they did seem to know just the right words and angles to come at Katie with, to ensure she wouldn't retreat out of awkwardness to her more proper and posh friends. As I watched the more wise people swoon over Katie, I realized I didn't have a chance after all and gave up. I found myself a couch, and decided to spread out as I thought over my life choices and how I got where I was. Why was I so focused on this one woman? Was it her immense wealth? Was it because everyone else wanted to be seen with her, to hopefully trick her into thinking they were her "friends" or even lover so they would give them a gift?

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I didn't have too long to fester in my thoughts, because suddenly Katie plopped down right beside me on the couch, looking exhausted. She looked over at me with a smile, and we began talking. Soon, the night seemed to go by fast, and we were opening up about our worries to one another. Her, how she feared that she was truly too fragile and how any part of her could break off at any moment. For me, I told her how she I felt like I didn't belong at the party and that I was simply not up to par. She gave me a soft laugh, and as she stood up from the couch she handed me a piece of paper. After letting me know that she was sure t hat wasn't the case, she seemingly rejoined the dwindling party, and it was at that point I looked down at the paper she gave me. On the sheet were two words, that shocked me to my core. I still don't know what to think about Katie's gift, if it really was a gift or just a simple gesture and nothing more. Maybe you guys can help me decipher this, or maybe I'm on my own here. It read simply:

Bushi Ticket.

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