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I will never forget my first Monster Hunter

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I still remember when I saw the series the first time ever on youtube as a 12 year old kid, I thought I was looking another ps3 game I could never get. I thought it looked interesting so I looked into it a bit more, I made the conscious decision to not get my hopes up if it was on the Wii but lo and behold it was ONLY on the Wii. I flipped, I looked up more footage, and went on a binge watching some early Capcom demo stuff mixed with barioth gameplay (holy fu*k I found it

) , then I saw this trailer

I will never forget it, instantly put it on my wish list. I showed this trailer to a bunch of my friends, and gathered as much info as I could. I still remember reading a reply to a comment saying "This game is shit, you get stuck with the same armor/weapons when you start." I was thinking "That's impossible everyone has way too much different armor for that to be true." Ahh I didn't even know how you got armor, what an innocent child I was, I cannot believe there was a time where I didn't know how you got armor in monster hunter. I convinced my grandmother to get the game for me sacrificing a slot for my birthday present later on.

​My first encounter in the game was the Aptonoth, I killed a whole family of them and was like "I can't believe this game let me kill a whole family of dinosaurs." thus triggering my newfound addiction. I even remember telling the other kids at school about this lmao. I went into online very shortly after starting, I was amazed how the online worked I had no idea how to accept quests or anything. Once I figured it out I got my ass kicked by a Qurupeco, I then went to village to get better. I remember it like yesterday my first armor, it was the rhenoplos armor with an alloy waist (because the Rhenoplos waist looked ugly to me XD), and I was on my way. After playing for about 20+ hours I still had no idea how skills worked so I looked it up, it was at this time I came across Social Dissonance one of the “go to” channels for tutorials back in the day (The Ceadeus armor tutorial was amazing). I won’t go over too much more (could talk all day about this) of my early game experiences but god did I love hunter rank grinding, it made the game feel so huge and gave me something to work for (good way to expand an only high rank game). I remember soloing the Barroth urgent with the jhen axe and the feeling of finally getting past hunter rank 8 was amazing. After every day of school I would go strait to multiplayer and hunt a Gobul fishing him out using frogs with full party, god he was such a unique monster.


On to high rank, I first discovered it when upgrading the luderoth S&S (I believe) I had the thought “If I just keep farming the Royal Luderoth, I can upgrade my weapon infinitely.” So I kept upgrading by farming the monster until I came across “+” Items for upgrades. Had to look up what it was and sure enough it was this thing called high rank. After that my goal was to eventually reach this sacred level. Jhen as the HR 31 urgent was a perfect intro to high rank, it gave you an epic feel of overcoming the 31 ranks you went through to enter the big leagues. High rank was so significant in Tri it was nuts, there was even a server dedicated to only high rank players. High rank was a treat, I fu*king remember the first time deviljho showed up, I totally forgot this thing was in the trailers. I was fighting a Qurupeco and he called for aid I thought "That doesn't sound like a Rathian", then this giant T-Rex pickle walks in. While I was freaking out I got hit by his tail swipe and all I saw was 2/3’s of my health turn red and noped the fu*k out of there.

By the time I finally got to HR 46 I met my favourite monster in the series, Alatreon. It’s looks, the music, his weapons/armor I loved fighting this thing, and I always brought the Tenebra D along while using the Lagiacrus armor for the awaken skill. He was such a challenge back then and his equipment was extremely powerful, everyone wanted to fight him. Probably the highlight of Tri for me though was hunting with some awesome people over the years, I basically used Tri as facebook back then. I kept in touch with people I met in low rank till the end of my journey. I distinctly remember these three players I met in low rank (they were all in end game gear and stuck together) Drakina, Eclipse and I can’t quite remember the last guy's name. What a blast, these guys were amazing, Eclipse always rocked a full Helios+ set and Drakina had Alatreon I believe. They were such an inspiration to me a noob, we hunted a fair bit together but I always loved our interactions and conversations.

There was one fond memory I had which taught me the power of affinity, I was stuck on low Diablos and (I think it was) Drakina offered to help. She told Eclipse “Ill be back quickly” and I was like “There is no way only us two can kill it that fast”, she annihilated it with the Barioth lance, all I could do was watch in awe. There was another time where those three tried to help me fight a Deviljho early by waiting for the high rank Qurupeco to call him (even though he never came). It brings me to tears thinking about all the great people I met and how much fun I had. God I miss this game so much, the nostalgia is so heavy right now just thinking about it. Loc Loc City was in my opinion the best multiplayer hub in a MH mainline game and I really hope they bring it back somehow. The people I’ve met, the interactions I’ve had, it makes me so sad that they shut down Tri online. I would love to play it again, even if its one last time.

I felt like I had to share this after finally beating MH3U’s multiplayer, it brought me back to at all the good times I had. What are some fond memories from Monster Hunter you have had over the years? With Gen Ultimate around the corner its only appropriate to look back at the past generations for what good times they gave us (you can share MH World stories as well if you’d like :D).

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