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I worry that the developers’ design philosophy has shifted from being passively pro-multiplayer to actively anti-solo

MonsterHunterWorld4 - I worry that the developers' design philosophy has shifted from being passively pro-multiplayer to actively anti-solo

Right, so Monster Hunter has always focused on multiplayer fun. Past games didn't even scale monster health for solo play. But nonetheless, soloing the whole game was always a reasonable option. You had to be good, but you didn't have to be that good.

With World, despite the new solo scaling, I think there's been cause for concern since Kulve Taroth's implementation that the developers are specifically punishing solo play.

  • Kulve Taroth: designed explicitly as a multiplayer event. Fun in groups as a raid boss, several hours of tedium as a single player. Has an RNG reward mechanic that demands a rapid rate of siege completion.

  • AT Kulve Taroth: all of normal KT but worse. Also unlike normal KT, armour materials are locked behind siege completion so you can't grind them in solo with drops/plunders/carves. Fury mechanic rewards multiplayer-level DPS.

  • Behemoth: designed specifically for a team, with a tank-aggro mechanic. Explicitly says to go multiplayer in every single in-game description. Combination of a massive health pool and a short timer, plus lots of tremors and knockdowns. Because of aforementioned tank-aggro mechanic, most good openings are preludes to big attacks; you can't exploit the opening well and avoid/defend against the attack. Case in point: at least for GS, the most reliable way I've found to hit sufficient DPS in solo is to take tornadoes to the face for 30 minutes while manoeuvring around a constantly shrinking arena.

  • Extremoth: Behemoth with every bit of bullshit cranked up. Shorter openings, bigger health, more knockdowns, same gimped time limit. The solo GS runs I've seen needed Fortify abuse on top of every other attack boost known to man, plus near-perfect play.

  • Ancient Leshen: ridiculous health pool combined with short windows, constant teleportation, and an insane damage aura. Has a trapping attack that happens relatively quickly and kills from any HP, which is specifically only escapable with a teammate's help. Requires quest completion to make the rewards.

All that comes on top of more longstanding issues like the penchant for adding difficulty by bloating monster stats in general or adding more bullshit to fights.


I never asked the developers to cater specifically to soloists; I recognise that it's made with multiplayer in mind. All I want is for them to not directly punish me for playing alone. I really hope this direction doesn't carry forward into Iceborne or future games.

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