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I would like to point something out as far as Capcom goes.

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I've been seeing a ton of speculation as to what the plan is for a G-rank release and I think I have some insight as to how it might go down.

Despite the fact that World is the first MH title I've put more than an hour in to(waaaaaaay more than an hour now… Ladies.) I am a Capcom fanatic. I love Megaman, DMC, Resident Evil and, most relevant to this post, Street Fighter.

At this point it's a bit of a running gag in my own circle of friends that Capcom loves to re-release newer versions of Street Fighter, they've done it since Super Special Awesome Street Fighter 2 Turbo Worldwide Championship Edition became a hit. Street fighter 3 had three completely distinct releases and Street fighter 4 had four. I don't know about you, but I see a pattern. This must mean that street fighter 5 has one! Wait a sec, that's slightly incorrect. Street Fighter 5 was something completely different for people like me. It was the first street fighter game of which I bought, pre-ordered in fact, the initial release. I knew what to expect. I'd buy the game and play it until they released Super Street Fighter 5, then repeat for whatever adjective they'd add. It's the price of being a diehard fan. It turns out I didn't know shit.

This time, instead of saving a big batch of new characters for a new game you'd have to buy, they released a new character every other month that we'd have to buy either with real cash or currency you can earn through playing the game. It was amazing honestly.


Eventually I caught wind of the inevitable "Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition", I knew it was coming but I didn't know how it was gonna work. So far SF5 broke from tradition dramatically so I had no idea what to expect. Yeah, they re-released the game. But all this re-release did was bundle all characters released so far with the base game everyone already had as well as some costumes and stages I think. Everyone who owned street fighter 5 got an update to Arcade Edition that wasn't just free, it was mandatory. I didn't even know AE was released until the update started downloading.

Now we can't expect the same thing from Monster Hunter but we can expect something similar. If I were a gambling man I'd say we're gonna keep getting free gameplay content coupled with paid cosmetic items. MTX gestures, layered armor etc will be how they're gonna justify further development for the game until we get our big release update. I'm talking Monster Hunter World Ultimate, and I'd bet that they will release it again on discs and in a digital bundle that comes with a grip of these cosmetics, but we will all get the actual gameplay updates for free.

So by all means buy those gestures. Grab those stickers. Use your spare cash to show that you approve of this plan. Sure there's a frustrating amount of rng in the game, but it's completely separated from microtransactions and that's a policy I can support. I personally want the rest of the gaming industry to take notice of this and follow suit. If you're worth our money, you'll get it.

tldr SF5's 2nd release was a free update, I think this one will be too.

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