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[Iceborne] Meta Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva Edition

MonsterHunterWorld5 - [Iceborne] Meta Builds Compilation: Safi'jiiva Edition

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The 12.00 IB patch is not like the previous ones. Not only are we reaching a complete shift of the meta thanks to totally overtuned siege weapons and a new set bonus which is both powerful and dangerous; we are also finally getting those major changes to a couple weapons (namely DB and SnS) that didn't hit the PC version yet for some reason. Given all of the above, it made sense to make a completely new meta thread instead of just updating the
em0sil - [Iceborne] Meta Builds Compilation: Safi'jiiva Edition

old one.

From now until further notice, Safi'jiiva is the name of your new Lord. Praise Safi'jiiva.


Note that we're also getting close to the convergence between the PC and the console patches. We will evaluate the impact of Raging Brachy and Furious Jang gear as soon as it drops and we'll either update the albums with new console sets (if the changes are minor) or make new console albums (if they are major).


Most of these albums are the work of the lads at Mathalos Nest, aka Jinjinx & Tuna's server where people actually do math on this game for whatever reason.



As usual, here's what you should expect (and not expect) from this compilation.

  1. The meta in MHW is, for several reasons¹, a damage-oriented meta. As such, the builds listed here will show the highest damage options available for every weapon type. Builds based on a different criteria (support, "tanking", evasion etc) are NOT included in this list, but you are totally free to use them if you want.

  2. These builds are mainly fit for solo play, but can be used for multiplayer as well as long as you understand the difference between solo and MP (higher HP/stagger values, less predictable AI, etc).

  3. The builds are meant for general use unless specified otherwise (e.g. counter-builds).

  4. As a corollary of the previous point, these are not necessarily speedrunning builds either. Speedrunners often use specific setups for different monsters to abuse some of the game mechanics, which means their sets can't always be used as general builds through most of your hunts.

  5. These builds are endgame builds and assume you have access to the entire content of the game (i.e. MR100+). If you haven't reached endgame yet you can report to the Master Rank Transitional Sets section or to the "poverty" builds that are present in some albums.

  6. The sets here are template builds that assume you mastered the basics of your weapon and you have a general knowledge of how to fight monsters. If you're not feeling confident in your skills yet, if you want less stressful runs or if you simply try something different you can obviously adapt the builds by adding the skills you want in them and sacrifice something else.


¹ To sum them up: damage is the only necessary and sufficient condition to complete any quest ; damage is the only factor that can be calculated objectively, hence optimized for every player; and finally, damage also indirectly reduces the chance of carting by staggering the monster more frequently and reducing the total duration of the hunt.


Master Rank Transitional Sets

If you're new to Master Rank and you're looking for sets to guide you through the story, please report to the Master Rank Transitional Sets section in the pre-Safi meta compilation.



Safi Farming Sets

This album contains sets that will guide you through the adventure of farming and fully awakening your Safi weapons. This is but a draft made with the knowledge accumulated by console runners; it will be updated as soon as we get to know all the details of the siege through datamining or precise testing.

An album with anti-Safi sets made with Safi weapons will come later down the line.


Endgame Meta Sets


Greatsword (GS)


Longsword (LS)


Sword and Shield (SnS)


Dual Blades (DB)


Charge Blade (CB)


Switch Axe (SA)




Hunting Horn (HH)




Gunlance (GL)


Insect Glaive (IG)




Light Bowgun (LBG)


Heavy Bowgun (HBG)



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    Silvio Bredner
    Mar 25, 2020 10:54 am

    “Safi’s Bindaxe – status” on that build you say that it has 100% Affinity but it only has 70%

    it Also doesnt have the “Mind’s Eye/Ballistics” skill

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