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I’d Like To Ask For Some Opinions On MR Kulve’s Weapons…

MonsterHunterWorld1 - I'd Like To Ask For Some Opinions On MR Kulve's Weapons...

For me being a Switch Axe main I feel kinda swindled by all the hype…sure a few of the elemental Kjarr Axes are relatively good with proper set and augmenting but I've been kinda let down…

I was hoping for a Kjarr or Taroth Axe Para who were among the best SA's in base world with at least a little white sharpness…instead we get bloated blue for days, same goes for Kjarr Axe Bomber…so saddening really.

A couple of the elemental Kjarr SA's when upgraded and augmented the way I did em are beasts in there own right…but still no phial type does more damage than power phial, regardless of critical element…however the three that I have personally deemed "good" being the Kjarr Axe Thunder, Kjarr Axe Decay (Dragon), and Kjarr Axe Stream (Ice) have a good chunk of white sharpness and are fun to use when fighting a monster particularly weak to a specific element.

All three of these get big elemental numbers and 100% affinity when augmented with elemental & custom elemental buffs and combined with the Safi set bonus (Hate me for using it I really don't care because I love this set) Dragon gets 1000 (700 in axe form), Thunder and Ice get 1060 (730 in axe form)…they do a fair bit of damage from the tests I've done with them on Tempered Ruiner (Thunder & Dragon), Raging Dio & Shara (Ice) respectively.


You could go higher with the elemental damage through different custom augments as well as decorations but I'm content with this amount.

I was however disappointed with the Kjarr Axe King otherwise as I knew it in base world The Leshen Slayer was given even less white than the Silver Rath Axe…it's not unusable but it's so disappointing that it'll sadly collect dust in my storage box.

All the rest of the Axe's are not really worth upgrading either, not even freaking Taroth Axe Horn who was tied with Taroth Axe Water for best high Raw damage SA in base world is worth upgrading…once again very saddening.

Overall this update for me personally has been somewhat of a letdown…Less then a handful of Kulve's Axes are decent and her armor savor it's appearance and the sets legs (very nice slots) is meh, though the Layered Weapon System added definitely brightened my mood a bit, love that I can now rock the Shara SA (which is my favorite SA design) on my main Axe as well as change the appearance of my other frequently used Axes.

So what're your thoughts on Kulve's new upgraded gear? Were you a bit disappointed like I was? Thoughts and Opinions please.

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