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Ideas for MHW’s Gathering Hub

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Hello fellow hunters!

Just like a group of non-negligible size in the sub, I'm kind of sad that the gathering hub does not receive the attention it needs to be actually considered a gathering hub, that's why with the wishful thinking that someone at capcom sees this I'll voice my opinions on how to improve it in such way that hunters start to prefer it.

The perceived problem:

  • GH does not have enough utility outside seeing your group

Need the Elder Melder? Use the lift.

Need to upgrade/craft/augment? Use the lift.

Need to check on your Botanical Research? Use the lift.

GH needs a rework in such way it gives us hunter some value, needing to go through a loading screen for anything makes it substract value.

  • Cultural differences

People at Capcom are not stupid, they know how to make a game and their history with this IP proves it, problem is, western culture is different to eastern culture.

Maybe the current layout works in Japan, but cultural differences make it not work in western countries. Current layout does not work here in the Americas because we are lazy as ballsack. I can't talk for fellow europeans because I haven't interacted with them in the game yet.

Losing 5 seconds in a loading screen means 10 extra seconds to start the next hunt which way too much in this time and age in the gaming world.

Proposed solution:

It doesn't need to be right now, it could come with a G-rank expansion *wink wink*, my proposed change is for the general layout in the following ways:

  • Change 3

Relocate one of the tables on the top to the deck where we moved our bedroom door.


Eliminate the set of stairs to the right to make room for a very tired and sweaty workshop assistant as he or she moves your equipment through the pipe in the drawing or a ladder (this would change the current workshop cutscene to the assistant carrying the stuff to and from the workshop).

Also instead of the previously menitones barrels, an Elder Melder or EM's assistant could be put where the stairs used to be.

  • Where do we get all these NPC's!?

Make them unlockable via quests! everyone had their assistants dissapear, it's your job to get them back! This makes Astera explorable for new hunters while those of us that completed the story have the option to stay at the GH managing the resources while hanging out with our friends.

Why I think this could help:

The sole reason GH is so desolated is because we need to manage Astera from everywhere else but the GH. Putting in place assistant NPC's that relay information to the Workshop/Elder Melder/Chief botanist will enable continued use of Astera's resources while interacting with our fellow hunters.

And that would be all really, I'm sorry if this is a repeated topic but all I found regarding this are comments on bigger posts that don't give it enough attention. Also sorry of it's longer than it is supposed to be, thanks to everyone that gave it a read.

If G-Rank is coming to world, I don't want to spend my time alone in Astera, I want a drink with my colleagues, test their grip arm wrestling and their doot-skills on the gong.

Until then, see you on the field hunters! And also discuss, this game is for us, lets try to improve our experience in it.

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