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Ideas for new equipment/mantles

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What do you think would be some non-game breaking equipment/mantles that could be added in the future?

I saw a post by u/Loggingman talking about how temporal mantle and rocksteady have introduced a power creep and it got me thinking about what some other, hopefully not game breaking, equipment/mantles could be. I have included some of my ideas below, but would like to hear what ideas the community has for new equipment/mantles.

I tried to avoid anything that could allow the user to disregard positioning/timing/preparation the way that temporal and rocksteady do.

  • Prevent sharpness decrease mantle

  • Quick sharpen equipment like whetfish-scale+ (on a slightly quicker timer)

  • Improve gathering mantle

  • Wide-range+Gobbler+(maybe free meal) mantle

  • Modular mantle with decoration slots (obviously would only be active while wearing)

  • fast health/stamina recovery mantle

  • blight resist mantle

  • flash/sonic – pulses with light/sound to stun monsters (beware, this would count towards the increasing resistance the monsters have to each particular effect to deter abuse)

  • capture equipment – a trap+tranq of some kind that takes equipment slot

  • horns – like from prior games and reusable on the timer (demon, armor, health, cleanser, etc)

  • aggro/enmity mantle (similar to challenger, but more like the enmity effect they are using on behemoth, if you are dealing damage, the monster focuses on you. wouldn't go away after taking damage)

  • carver mantle (allows an extra carve while wearing)

  • lifesteal/leech mantle (similar to health regen augment, maybe more effective?)

  • element attack boost mantle

  • slinger mantle – increases the effectiveness of slinger ammo

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