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If MHW was your first MH, is this all you do anymore?

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I am a 20 something dad who spent majority of his teenage and college years chasing the dream of being top tier competitive PC gamer (Typical LoL, Dota, CS etc). It consumed most of my time. I also played a crap ton of WoW. After becoming a Dad I kinda gave up PC gaming, at least competitively, because I couldn't keep up anymore. I got a PS4/Switch and have just been coasting game to game, never really finding much that consumes me. I tried MMORPG again, namely FFXIV, but I felt to keep up I didn't have enough times on my hands(as far as joining raid teams go). Going from 5+ hours a day of potential gaming time to only 1-2 hrs, even on weekends, was a culture shock to me.


So along comes MHW and I finally found my lifestyle game! It has completely consumed me. Its the only thing I have been playing since release, and I haven't even felt compelled to go on my PC or buy even buy GoW that just came out. I even went out and bought a 2DS XL and MH4U to have MH on the go. The game has at your own pace advancement, and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I love collecting things and haven't an infinite checklist of things to do. I mean, I don't have hundreds of hours like some people for obvious reasons. But MH was exactly what I was looking for (I got burned by Destiny 2 previously and had nothing to do in game after 30 hrs).

Has anyone else tried MHW and found this is the hobby you were missing all along?

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