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If there’s another crossover ever again, I want it to be with God Eater.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - If there's another crossover ever again, I want it to be with God Eater.


1: It's also a monster hunting game, meaning the overall translation of a God Eater Aragami into a Monster Hunter creature is easier than say, the FFXIV or The Witcher.

2: The Aragami look cool

3: God Eater doesn't do "armor" from monster parts, allowing an opportunity to design monster armor based on the Aragami in addition to weapons.

It comes with the caveat of "how do we make this work" because within the lore of God Eater, Aragami are colonial organisms comprised of "Oracle Cells" which can devour any and all normal matter, and are only susceptible to something else that is essentially also an Aragami. I guess it could be hand-waved that as this is a different world from God Eater's, the Aragami are unable to devour the matter and are throwing a fit due to this

Plot-wise, it could deal with trying to take out this monster but being unable to, as unless the player can extract the core of the monster, it's nigh unkillable and will get back up. Gameplay mechanics could involve being 'devoured' by it which can drastically reduce your capabilities while buffing theirs.

Monsters that could be considered as 'easy to translate':

  • latest?cb=20150813092347 - If there's another crossover ever again, I want it to be with God Eater.Vajra: The original Aragami poster child, and the most 'normal' looking Aragami, being basically a giant electric tiger.
  • Dyaus Pita: What if we took the large cat aragami from above, but gave it the face of an old man but also still made it scary as fuck?
    Dyaus Pita also later got a revision where it sprouts really edgy wings made of swords that could work as a second phase of a fight. Dyaus Pita is a "Divine" element Aragami which like Dragon is a kind of mystical unknown element.
  • Hannibal: A really fast lizard type Aragami that utilizes fire. It's a type of monster that upon breaking certain parts of its body, it actually gets stronger instead of weaker, giving a risk vs reward on if you should break that part for the reward guaranteed right away but deal with a stronger monster, or risk waiting until the last second to bust it. Comes in a Corrosive and really really really really fast variant.
  • Marduk: Poster child for the second game, a wolf like aragami that utilized fire but it's main gimmick was being able to sic all the smaller monsters in the area at you.
  • Chrome Gawain: A Panther type aragami that has 2 clawed arms on its shoulder that can also deploy huge blades from their palms.
  • Anubis: Poster child for the third game, a semi-humanoid jackal shaped monster that's just big and bulky and will fucking kill you. It stands on 4 legs before standing on 2 after devouring a player.
  • Ra: Take a humanoid bird and attach it to a furnace and have it throw miniature suns at you.

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