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If you started with MHW and own a Switch…Pick up MHGU!

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Hello! I'd like to start off by saying this is no means a MHW vs MHGU post, or bias towards one game. I love both games and MH in general. I'd like to make this post as tonnes of new players have just entered the world of MH in recent months and I want them to get as much out the series as us who have maybe been around since earlier games 🙂

If you are someone who owns a Switch, I strongly recommend you pick up MHGU. It is a fantastic and very unique yet traditional game in the series (hunter styles and arts, and you can play as a palico!), and a 'celebration' game hence called 'generations' that celebrates every single generation of MH. It features towns and monsters from previous generations therefore is an excellent way to taste what the older generations were like if you have only played World. Honestly, the QoL changes are not as drastic as people make them out to be. Yes, going to MHGU from MHW you will be missing out on the QoL changes such as drinking pots on the fly, but please don't let players deter you by saying the changes are huge and insanely change the way the game works, it doesn't. It's like going from a 2D Pokemon to the 3D ones, at it's core it is still the same game. If you truly want to experience everything MH has to offer GU is a must have.

OP, care to give us some reasons to shell £50 on MHGU when we have MHW?

Lets get the elephant out the room, G-Rank

Yes. you've all heard this before in one way or another, but what actually is G-Rank? G-Rank is the absolute best thing MH has to offer, period. It is the cream of the crop, the most challenging and rewarding difficulty to exist and what most consider the 'true' endgame. Think of every game you've ever played and think about its best aspect, G-Rank is that to MH as a series. For any MH fan, G-Rank is an experience you should not miss out on. It is truly the best experience Monster Hunter as a whole has to offer.


World is by no means lacking in content and is a very robust game. However MHGU has the most content of a MH game to date. It has hundreds of unique armours and weapons, 3X the Large monsters of World (90 vs 30) and so many ways to play. I won't expand on this much, you all know what more content means. You could easily spend a few hundred hours on MHGU and have things to do, and I don't mean that as in 500 hours of grinding.

Unique ways to play, Every player is unique


MHGU has two systems no other MH has, they are transmog and styles and arts. Transmog essentially lets you look however you want. You can combine two pieces of gear, keeping the stats of one and the appearance of the other. Ever farmed a armour set you really wanted but it doesn't look great? Transmog has the solution, this is truly the game for fashion hunters. Hunter styles and arts are huge, MH already has a tonne of ways to play resulting from it's 14 weapon types. Now imagine if each weapon had certain styles that completely alters the way the weapon functions, such as aerial styles and super aggressive styles. It's a big in depth system that will take too long to talk about, but it's a system that makes every hunter unique in the way they play the game. If you are curious, give it a search on YouTube, Gaijinhunter has covered several styles. There are also Hunter Arts which give you even more options and ways to play. You can also play as a Palico! They're just as effective as hunters! It's almost like an MMO, everyone you see will probably look different and play different to your last team.

But OP, I don't like styles and arts or want to play as a cat!

You don't have to! If you'd like to keep it to what you're normally used to, every weapon has the guild style which is the traditional way to use the weapon. If you decide to get fancy later on, you can choose a style anytime you wish!

Okay OP, what about the QoL Changes everyone mentions?

They really aren't as drastic as people make them out to be nor do they make the game a less enjoyable experience in any way. They are simply quality of life changes, not game changers. You will take some time to adjust to it, but it isn't like learning a language or learning to walk again as people make it out to be. Honestly, they aren't drastic. If anything, they make the game a little challenging (no walking when drinking pots) so if you want a more challenging experience, this is totally a plus for you!

In Conclusion

I hope this was well written and you are now more well informed on both games. I have no bias towards either game, these were honest facts and you can search them up if you wish. I absolutely love how the MH fanbase is growing and I want everyone to experience what MH truly has to offer. I hope you enjoyed reading this, as always do your own research too!

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