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IG Build – Blood Hunter

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Hello all! This is my first post to this sub, and my first build for Monster Hunter World. This is the build I am currently running, albeit not with all of the gems yet. I used this for most of HR including all of the elder dragons. I can pretty much solo them in 20-30 minutes (depending on the elder) if you care about that. I am much more a fashion hunter than one going for optimization, but this set has a bit of both.

Head: Dragonking (Tenderizer Jewel 2)
Body: Odogaron B (Attack Jewel 1)
Arms: Odogaron B (Expert Jewel 1)

Waist: Odogaron B (Expert Jewel 1)
Feet: Odogaron B (KO Jewel 2)

Insect Glaive: Vice (KO Jewel 2)

Kinsect: Bonnetfille III

Charm: Attack Charm III


Obviously using the Odogaron set is nice for an IG build because of the Protective Polish skill, but I wanted to incorporate the Punishing Draw skill as well. To that end, 2 KO Jewels increase my stun chance for both draw attacks and my Kinsect. The Bonnetfille III has a speed stat that is a bit low, only being a 6, but the speed boost on Vice certainly helps and having the blunt damage is useful (also it's red and matches my armor). Once I reach HR 50 I am going to augment Vice's Affinity, which will leave me with 50% Affinity for every attack, and 100% on weak spots. Timing Protective Polish with speed sharpening pretty much keeps me in blue sharpness because I damage the monster enough for it to flee before I hit green.

Skills are:

> Odogaron Mastery 2: Punishing Draw

>Odogaron Mastery 4: Protective Polish

>Weakness Exploit 3

>Speed Sharpening 2

>Constitution 1

>Critical Eye 4

>Quick Sheath 1

>Attack Boost 4

>Slugger 2

If you have any suggestions on how you would improve this build please let me know, and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Thanks everyone and happy hunting!

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