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IG Trailer Thoughts (Long Rant)

MonsterHunterWorld5 - IG Trailer Thoughts (Long Rant)

Tl;dr, less frustrated about nerfs, more frustrated about how the weapon's reputation already makes it difficult to enjoy online bc asshats kick IGs for being 'too weak'.

So I've been an IG main since 4U. IG changed the series for me- it was the first weapon to -click- with me in how it played. It was the weapon I knew I could stick with and be good at. And it wasn't cause IG was OP in those days- I sucked pretty bad in 3U because none of the weapons felt just right… but IG came along and was my perfect fit.

As someone who sucked going into 4U I can say yeah- it was OP back then and needed the nerf going into gen. There was no way a player as bad as I was at the time should have had those clear times. Going into Gen things felt a lot more balanced. I was a much stronger player by this point having played mostly solo. Sure, IG got nerfed but when I finally got around to playing with friends I felt like I could keep up and wasn't any weaker or stronger. The kinsect system with the varying skills was exciting to work with and allowed for a variety of strategies and builds. Gen/GenU IG played beautifully. Did it need a nerf going into world? I don't think so… at least not as big of a nerf as it got.

So World comes along and strips away our kinsect skills. Now set building has become kinda boring as before the kinsect played a part in that. We went from a game where I consistently used about 6 different kinsects for six different builds to one where I used the same build/kinsect for everything. It was a pretty big change honestly. And you know what? I was alright with it. World gave us something in exchange: The best mobility of any weapon in the game + kinsect dusts. The mobility would not be a direct replacement for DPS lost from past nerfs but it made IG one of the most survivable weapons. Aerial dodging and mobility was incredible for evasion and that new backwards slash attack? Perfect for repositioning away from close ranged monster attacks such as Kirin's lightning bolts.

Sure we weren't getting amazing speed run times but when new big threats came along that carted people left and right? We laughed. We laughed over AT Vaal's breath. We laughed as our green kinsect dusts negated the tick damage. A good IG player can be one of the most difficult players for a monster to kill. I was okay losing the kinsect skills for this. We lost some but we gained some.

But there was one move I was really bummed to lose. Back in 4th gen one of my go-to moves was the R2 aerial marking attack. Back in Gen 4 it was helpful in that it was an emergency 'Oh heck I didn't mean to vault- ABORT!" type move to avoid landing in say- Brachy's slime. Not to mention it was useful for marking backs of monsters for orange extract gathering. Thankfully world's improved kinsect controls made the need for marking backs a lot less necessary but there were still some monsters where I felt its absence (orange off of Bazel, for example.)

Then Iceborne came. Oh how foolishly optimistic I was when I saw the downward thrust move. It was what I missed in aerial mark attack of 4th gen- a sort of abort for the vault but even faster! Add in amazing damage and built in marking on the ground combo? It was exactly what I was looking for in a new move. The only downside was the combo on the ground could be a bit lengthy leaving yourself open but even so it made itself useful. For me the most important part was being able to return to the ground quickly.

It seemed we were finally getting a much wanted buff in Iceborne until we saw the true extent of the Clutch Claw's impact on the game. Now don't get me wrong- I'm not a Clutch Claw hater by any means- but no weapon seemed like it struggled with it quite the same as the IG did. It was unwieldy and awkward to use. Often I'd find the aerial clutch attack more effective over messing with the extra buttons on the ground but it was a shot in the dark to clutch onto the right area. Being a light weapon making tenderizing requiring two attacks didn't help any. The final nail in the coffin for the CC with IG was the slinger ammo use. We got a wonderful buff in allowing us to feed our kinsects ammo to up their stamina, make them stronger, and gain two extracts at once. But to go for a wall slam we would have to sacrifice that ammo and hope there would be more nearby for our kinsect- or clutch claw for more which was already a pain.


So in the end, all of the other weapons benefited from the clutch claw while IG fell further behind the pack. We were nerfed through everyone else getting buffed more. And this is where my concern lies. I've never been a speed runner. I always shoot for good times but I don't honestly care if it takes me 5 minutes longer in the end. I find the weapon fun to play and I'm competent enough with the weapon to solo any AT fight without trouble. But that's where the problem sits: The MH community, at least in World, had shifted into something a lot less forgiving of 'fun' and more demanding of DPS. I noticed it a bit with World… the odd kick from a Kulve or Behemoth session. But not often enough for me to worry.

In Iceborne it became more frequent. I'd be kicked from hunts- not because I was a bad player- I pulled my weight and rarely carted- even with Fatalis, Safi, etc. When I'd ask why I was kicked most often it would be "IG is weak." or "IG stinks at CC" or something along those lines. If I were competent enough at other weapons (I'm good with a handful- but not like I am with IG) to confidently go into Fatalis fights I would if only to avoid the shit I sometimes get for having a glaive. But if I were to do so I'd only be more of a hindrance to the team. I loved playing online- I find the game most fun when playing with other good players. But IG had gained such a negative reputation for being 'weak' DPS wise and useless with CC that some nights I had to spend more time just looking for a session that'd at least give me a chance to prove that I can pull my weight and then some on Fatalis with an IG. I even made a point to play more grounded when with randos. But then I'd slip and do a few aerial combos (because heck they're fun) and all of a sudden I get kicked (happened a lot with that Zinogre deco farming quest).

Now here we are at Rise. The best move we gained in Iceborne- a way to make an emergency landing for whatever reason- is now tied behind a cooldown. A cooldown shared with two other moves. We've seen no evidence of kinsect dusts making a return (yet). I highly doubt we're getting kinsect skills back in any regard. Now as I said before- I accepted the loss of the kinsect skills going into World because what we got in return I felt was a fair trade. Looking at our new silkbind skills I can't help but feel like we're not really getting anything in return.

The silkbind skills are clearly targeting a playstyle that is shunned by a large portion of MH players. A style that, unless they decide to buff it in Rise, will continue to get shunned. The sad reality of aerial glaive is it'll never be able to compete with ground glaive without adjusting motion values. If only because aerial glaive cannot consistently target monster weakpoints. Personally, I'd have loved a silkbind aerial skill that would allow an in-place combo for this very reason. I can see their use and am looking forward to seeing how they play out, but I can't help but be severely disappointed as it feels like once again, we're getting nerfed via everyone else getting much better buffs.

The stigma that glaive = weak (and aerial glaive = weaker) will continue to fester and people will continue to judge IG mains without giving them a chance to show they can pull their weight. Glaive doesn't need to be a DPS machine like other weapons- after all, it is the king of mobility- but it shouldn't be trailing THIS far behind the pack. It's very discouraging to see that once again IG is being treated as an afterthought when it comes to new moves and abilities. It's even more frustrating seeing that Rise is looking to be another game where I can't play online without people kicking me for playing the weapon I'm best at and enjoy using the most.

Sorry for the wordy rant… but I'm genuinely frustrated by what we've been shown so far. It's less about being nerfed again and more about the fact people already make such a fuss about IG being weak and being asshats about it when playing online.

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