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Ignored the Charge Blade in 4U and World – no more!

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After having a fairly lengthy break away from World (and prioritizing other games), I gave World a spin last night and figured I'd finally give the Charge Blade a go after having ignored it in 4U and World for the most part. I ran with it for 10 minutes, wasn't too impressed, then left it unattended for months.

Last night opened my eyes, however. I dedicated some time at the training pillar and found that I quite like the shield–>sword–>SAED rotation. Soon after, I jumped into a few hunts with it and had a blast. I spent a few hours coming up with build ideas last night, but nothing too concrete. So far I've been sticking with Peak Performance, Weakness Exploit, Recovery Up, Evade Extender, Capacity Boost, that kind of thing. It seems to be working out well, but I wonder if I can seriously improve my damage in some other way. What kind of builds are you guys running?


Now admittedly, I'm not too keen on the designs for the Charge Blade itself, aside from only a couple (Jho's and Rathalos being the two). I tend to avoid weapons with mundane visual styles like the Diablos CB, despite knowing it still tops the charts. I'd like to use Impact Phials on my blades, but I just haven't found one that looks half way decent and isn't a Power Element Phial. The Rathian one looks to be a solid pick. Any recommendations?

Overall, I have to say that I'm so glad I finally took the time to learn the CB properly. It has a pretty high skill ceiling, is fairly agile, and really feels powerful. There's a certain satisfaction that comes with landing the SAED.

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