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I’m bored. I wanna talk about IG. I’m not even mad about the wirebug attacks.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - I'm bored. I wanna talk about IG. I'm not even mad about the wirebug attacks.

Yeah, yeah. 3 days later and there's still salty IG users clogging the page. I just want to voice my own thoughts on the matter. Sort of venting, but really I do just want to continue discussions. Not super salty about it, and I don't have a problem with the Wirebug attacks themselves but rather that the glaive has problems that clearly went unaddressed.

Silkbind moves kinda blew chunks, but that's not what's got me most upset. I see people in comments saying that we're mad that the IG didn't get any new flashy moves, but that isn't true. Ignoring SB moves entirely, World introduced some problems to the IG that we see still haven't been ironed out. First among those is how disjointed aerial and ground combat feel. They don't flow into each other very well, and where previously the main focus was on the ground they seem to transitioned some of that power to the air, but did it in a super gimmicky way. While not worthless, the aerial combat is situational. The following is from a YouTube comment I made:

I've been saying this for a while. IG doesn't have enough aerial options to make it interesting. Not only does it not do much damage, but it's super easy to overcommit and get hit, and it only combos into itself or a move that puts you on the ground. Really the only thing it has is looking cool. People keep saying it's the fun way to play and I'm like, "How many times can you watch the same animation play out and be entertained by it?"

Air moves aren't bad, they're situational, the changes to World and Rise seem to be taking away from IGs core power and encouraging players to play around a small subset of moves that are entirely situational. That's what I don't like.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on that matter. Onto the Silkbind moves!

Silkbind Vault is utterly underwhelming. Why it's even a SB move at all baffles me. It's advantages are: You can go further, and you can use it in the air.

1) We can already vault anywhere. The gap closing potential is a nebulous advantage and actually makes you liable to overshoot your target (like they almost did in the trailer lol). Furthermore, pretty much every weapon can vault now too. Except in those cases it combos into a cool unique move that may even help address problems or QoL issues the weapon has. IG gets no unique move after the vault, and it can only combos into the same mediocre aerial moves we already have.

2) I know gaijin hunter is trying to sell this part as, "You can double the time you're in the air! Isn't that cool!" To which my response is, "Uh…no." There is little advantage to staying in the air for longer than you have to. The wonky aerial hit boxes and overcommitment your one aerial move has means its a pretty big disadvantage state. Not to mention the mediocre damage.

That said I can actually see this move working best as an escape ability, particularly if you're going to land in an unsafe spot after an aerial.


Recall Kinsect is pretty bad. As someone in another comment said, you don't actually want to recall you Kinsect. You want it out auto attacking and spreading dust. To anyone who doesn't main IG. 'Recall Kinsect' might as well have said, 'End your combo early'. The heal is negligible now that we have infinite potions, and recovering kinsect stamina is a non issue; youu can do this by just sending and recalling twice. It literally takes 2 seconds.

Strangely enough, this move has value in the Absolute Evasion like effect. So it may be better to think of it as Absolute Evasion, but it costs a wirebug charge and recalls you kinsect.

The last one we know of is just downward thrust from IB. They took away a move, and it's ability to flow from air to ground combat relatively seamlessly away (something IG is sorely lacking), and they put it on a cooldown. The IB move was actually a 3 hit combo and this one doesn't seem to be, so frontloading all the damage onto a single hit might help, but the future doesn't look to bright for this one either.

There are things we don't know yet: What are the motion values? How does mounting work? How big a part to the Kinsects play in this iteration? Ect.

Gaijin hunter pointed out that Wirebug moves have a different color damage number attached to them. Perhaps that's the new mounting damage and IG can mount monsters easier. Maybe the kinsect plays a bigger roll than we thought and the ability to quickly recover stamina is valuable. Who knows, it might be really good. I certainly want to see how it plays in the demo.

All in all, I'm discouraged not because I didn't get any new flashy anime moves, but because it looks like Capcom doesn't understand the IG. They used the Wirebug moves to try and fix things that aren't broken and ignored actual problems with the weapon. They apparently see better kinsect stamina management and more airtime as buffs. Meanwhile, the disjointed feeling of your one mediocre aerial attack is still there, the main damage dealing combo still ends in a move that throws you out of position, and the overreliance on the buff system remains.

On a final note, I see a lot of people wanting buffed Aerial MVs. I REALLY don't want that. A little bit maybe, but like I said IG doesn't have enough aerial moves to make an entire weapon based around it interesting…YET. I'm all for Capcom reworking the glaive into a more air focused weapon, but that would require, well… a rework, which we've seen it hasn't gotten. If vaulting and spamming the unreliable advancing air slash becomes the best way to play the weapon I'll probably pick a new main. The air moves are fine, they're just situational.

Anyway, I'm done venting. Thanks for listening.

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