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I’m enjoying Elemental LBG!

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With the way most people bash on Elemental shots, I was led to believe that they were Slicing shot levels of weak.

After trying them out on most TEDS and just random monsters, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! They're not particularly Strong, but they net me kill times similar to my laid-back Vaal Haazak tanky sets (except on Teostra, Fire Shield OP)

More specifically, Thunder S is Great against Nergigante, you can Easily shoot through multiple spiked parts for Major damage! It Tears through Bazelgeuse, and I'd say It gets a pass against Daora, not great, but serviceable.

Water S Shreds through Uragaan, Lavasioth and to some extent Anjanath. Don't know if it outperforms Pierce as I don't have a Pierce decoration to make any kind of decent build around that shot type 🙁


Ice S is a mixed bag. It's Competent even against smaller monsters weak to ice, but it's been just Passable against Lunastra with me, and a complete No-No against Teostra. Empress Shell "Blaze" is also nowhere near as good for Ice and Fire as "Styx" is for Thunder and Water, so that's probably a big reason why i liked these shots less.

Finally I tried Fire vs Kirin, was not impressed. I imagine it's Very effective against Vaal Hazaak, but I'm sick of fighting him at this point, so I'm gonna pass that up for the time being.

Overall, I Would appreciate a buff to make these shots more applicable against medium-small monsters, but they're nowhere near as bad as I expected them to be 🙂

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