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I’m going to complain about Bow users. #Rant

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Now let me start by saying that I used to use the bow. I actually managed at least 65 percent of this whole game with a bow. That being said some of you who use this weapon need to go to the training area. There is no F-ing reason to constantly spam the dropping rocks crap every shot. When the monster is going to sleep there is NO NEED FOR YOU TO FIRE A DRAGON PIERCER before the bombs are laid down. I understand that everyone makes mistakes but to me it seems like bow users are just constantly trying to perform some fancy crap. Let me give you a scenario to explain what I’m so pissy about. We’re fighting Behemoth. I’m running lance to get the mount and everything is going great. Here is the bow user trying to show off spinning around dropping rocks every other shot so he gets smacked and fainted. That was in the second area. Third area I’m still using lance. I get the mount and everyone is doing their part except the bow guy. While the monster is sitting still you would think that is the perfect time to dragon pierce right? WRONG. He gets fainted again. He decides to drop rocks the whole freaking time. 4th area I switch to my LBG. Put the Behemoth to sleep. Go to drop my bombs and what do you think happens? I will tell you. Fu*king rocks! Behemoth wakes up and smacks the shit out of bow guy. So I do it again. Put him to sleep and go to place the bombs. Guess what.. FU*KING ROCKS FROM THE SKY! Now this post my seem like I’m being a douche and if so I apologize because I’ve been that guy that messed up a few times, but for the love of everyone’s sanity I went to go practice before i jumped into anyone’s mission. To sum it all up. Stop thinking with a solo speed runners mindset when you jump into multiplayer. I’ve seen some bad ass bow users out there, but the majority I’ve played with are plain greedy, selfish players. Sorry for the rant and I’m not calling out all bow users but for everyone’s sake go freaking practice.

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