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Im going to say it , Im really not a fan of event gating hard content

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Now Im aware of why Capcom are doing it, its an easy way to maintain player retention which is understandable but from the perspective of someone who just wants to tackle the content at my own pace and whenever I want to tango or just get my shit pushed in it sucks.

I want to actually get challenged when I have an endgame set, I want to actually feel like the game is forcing me to get better rather than dangling the carrot then taking it away after a week.

I get the argument for it being event tied, it justifies great drop rewards and makes the game feel more like a live game but honestly just hearing about Arch – Tempered got me all hyped because I keep thinking its going to be the super hard content Im dying for only to find out its a temporary event that will not have any consistency to how and when it returns.

Im saying this as a fan, not a hater.


I want to play your game constantly not whenever you decide to bring back the hard content.

Edit :

Guess I shoulda put a trigger warning in this post.

Edit 2 : Also people are missing the point, its not that Im too busy to play its that the content for no good reason is being put on an event rotation, I understand why KT needs an event (its very unlikely to be populated enough to function if its always available) but there is no good reason for Arch-Tempered and GoldJho to be event locked regardless of how long an event lasts.

Its about tackling the content at a pace I enjoy and not having the game gather dust because im waiting for the next Jho rotation , not about wither nor not I have the time to do it.

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