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I’m new to Monster Hunter and just beat MHW on PC. Here are my thoughts and my experience with the game.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - I’m new to Monster Hunter and just beat MHW on PC. Here are my thoughts and my experience with the game.

Just a quick note before I get underway I’m making this post on my phone and it’s about 3:50am for me as of starting this post, so I apologize for any formatting errors or mistakes.

Opening Thoughts Oh man, this game certainly exceeded my expectations. I was originally wary about buying MHW since I have a history of friends that tend to overhype the games that they enjoy in an effort to get people to join them, regardless of whether the people they are encouraging would enjoy the game. However, MH as a series has received pretty much nothing but praise from everyone that I have talked to so far, so I decided to take the plunge with the PC release of MHW. The only real negatives I had before I went into the game were: – The series is perceived as grindy to play (I generally enjoy grindy games when they are done right, so this was really a plus for me) – The game will be a console port over to PC (I only play games with mouse and keyboard, so a port with bad controls is unplayable. This is usually the case with most ports to PC) – You will need to rely on third party sources to properly understand how to use certain weapons (based on what friends told me) – I struggle to take my friends words as fact when it comes to games.

Surprisingly enough, the praise I had heard about about the game seemed to be accurate upon playing it myself, although I would argue that the grind perceived with the game is pretty light for those concerned with simply doing story progression. I’m assuming the real grind begins when you start farming for decorations / achievements.

General Game Experience In regards to my experience playing the game, probably 95% of the time that I played was solo, and the multiplayer that I did play was done almost entirely at low rank with just one other person that I knew. This is not a result of multiplayer straight up not working, I just didn’t want to group with strangers. The only times I found multiplayer would break would be if a game lobby had been active for at least an hour, at which point it risked breaking and losing online connection. The only major issues I had were that if you wanted to bring a friend along for an assigned mission, they couldn’t join until all cutscenes were watched.

PC controls as a whole are fairly solid overall. The only issues I had was with menu navigation, in particular the quick item menu for when you want to swap items in combat. There is a radial menu enabled by default that for whatever reason, is navigated with wasd instead of your mouse, but thankfully it can be disabled. Honestly, I was impressed at how well the game handled in this regards to controls.

Throughout playing the game, I primarily swapped between dual blades and long sword, eventually sticking with long sword when tackling rank 7 quests. At this point, I had become comfortable enough to read and react to monster attack patterns. I did have to look up a guide on how the long sword actually works, but thankfully there are some amazing content creators out there with very well put together guides on how to use weapons.


As far as the monsters go in the game, I found that just about all monsters are difficult until you either massively out gear them or learn their attack patterns. This is probably what made me enjoy the game so much. Once you hit this point however, the game is actually pretty easy. I imagine however, that going for quick kills on monsters is where the real skill is at.

Also, given how grindy people say this game is, this game has a very engaging main story due to all the cutscenes that feature YOUR character with all their current gear, something that I did not expect and honestly made me enjoy the game way more than I would have otherwise.

Specific Experiences – The very first time you fight Zorah Magdaros (In the canyon, not the cave) is extremely epic, however by the end of the fight it left me wondering if I technically failed or succeeded the fight. – Doing the cave encounter of Zorah Magdaros, I learned that the entire thing is scripted from start to finish, which combined with being a nearly impossible to fail encounter, made it extremely boring to do. Overall, the cave encounter is also worse than the canyon one as well. – The enemy I became most proficient at fighting was Odogoran, I managed to get a sub 5min fight against him where I only took 2 hits. This was very satisfying for me. – The ONLY enemy that managed to straight up make me fail a mission by killing me enough times was Kushala Daora, this probably could have been avoided with some measure of wind resistance, or more careful play. – Kirin was also an extremely hard fight for me, it took over 30min of careful and cautious play to kill him. – The final boss was cool, but surprisingly very easy. – I fu*king hate Bazelgeuse with a passion. I call him Bagel Goose or Beetlejuice now, depending on what I feel like at the time. He’s actually a pretty easy fight, but he’s still extremely annoying. – Earplugs are awesome. – Palicos behave like cats in game, sometimes they listen to you, sometimes they don’t. – Fighting any dragon-esque enemies in coral highlands or the ancient forest is cancer if they return to their nest. This can sometimes mean about 5min spent traveling. – I disliked the lack of explanation for game mechanics. Ex: affinity, is apparently crit chance. – I feel like mounting monsters is pure chance sometimes – I hate stun more than I hate Beagle Juice.

I’m going to leave it at this as I see the sun rising in the horizon, so I should probably get some measure of sleep while I can. Sorry for no TLDR, the best I can do is say that this game overall is significantly more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Happy hunting, thanks for reading.

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